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What Should I Do If My Culture Encourages Addictive Substance Abuse?

My Culture Encourages Addictive Substance Abuse

Addictive Substance Abuse Culture

Substance abuse is a behavior that dates back thousands of years. As a result, most cultures have developed a code of behavior defining what is socially acceptable regarding drug and alcohol use. These codes of behavior vary widely from culture to culture, due to variations in public perception of drug use and the laws that control addictive substances. For Des Moines residents who have a propensity toward developing an addiction problem, being a part of a culture that exercises a relaxed attitude about substance abuse or that follows customs that include substance abuse can be particularly difficult.

Cultural Variables May Contribute to Substance Abuse among Des Moines Residents

As the connection between cultural influence and the development of addiction becomes increasingly apparent, an increasing number of substance abuse programs have implemented treatment methods that take cultural variables into account. Cultural variables include the values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors of a particular ethnicity or group of people. Allowing Des Moines patients to consider that the root cause of their addiction problem may be linked to cultural influences can aid in the recovery process. Also, allowing patients to practice safe cultural customs that are not linked to substance abuse can create a more comfortable environment that is conducive to the recovery process. The primary goal of culturally competent addiction treatment is to lead patients to recovery while taking care to respectfully acknowledge cultural variables.

Culturally Competent Treatment for Substance Abuse

Organizations that are able to effectively and respectfully communicate and interact with people of various cultures are considered to be culturally competent. In a culturally competent substance abuse treatment program, practitioners are aware of and understand the cultural context of the majority of the patients who enter their treatment program. By implementing the traditions and customs of the target group of patients, practitioners can provide a meaningful rehab experience that leads to a lasting recovery. Des Moines residents who suffer from addiction and feel that their culture may have perpetuated their substance abuse problem should enter a culturally competent addiction treatment program.

High-Quality Treatment for Des Moines Addicts

If you or someone you love in Des Moines is struggling with substance abuse, we can help. Feel free to call our toll-free helpline, which is available 24/7. When you call, you will reach a rehab admissions coordinator who can connect you to options for high quality addiction treatment. Don’t hesitate to call now.