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What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?Peer pressure is one of the most common causes of drug abuse. The need to fit in with a social group and feel accepted is a universal, powerful craving. Countless people have endured life-long struggles with addiction, and many have done so because their friends pressured them to use drugs. It takes remarkable confidence to refuse drugs and to avoid people who want to see you fall, so Des Moines residents need sober social groups to maintain sobriety.

Can Recovering Addicts Be Friends with Drug Users?

People tend to be pretty protective and forgiving of their friends, but even recovering addicts who are strong in their recovery may relapse from regular exposure to drugs. The more time you spend around people who use drugs, then the more likely it is that you will eventually cave in and use them too. If your Des Moines friends are pressuring you to use drugs, simply tell them that that’s not your thing and politely leave. In time one or more of them may come to you when they want to get clean. As much as they may tease you, pressure you or give you a hard time, deep down they probably also respect you for standing your ground.

Why Do Drug Users Use Peer Pressure?

Most drug users feel shame, frustration or anger about their habit, but being around someone who refuses to join in their destructive behavior makes them feel even worse. The psychological effects of addiction compel users to quiet their consciences with lame excuses such as “everyone else does it,” and “this is just our thing.” Some drug users have even darker intentions. Selling drugs has made many people very wealthy, so some dealers want to get people hooked to make more money. In fact, some Des Moines residents may sell drugs to pay for their own drug use. Others know better than to become addicted; they act like they are users, but really they just want to profit from other people’s diseases.

How to Resist Peer Pressure

Des Moines residents can resist peer pressure to use drugs through any of the following suggestions:

  • Make sure that your parents, siblings or other sober friends know where you are at all times
  • Tell your friends that your parents or employer subject you to random drug tests
  • Always control your own transportation so you can leave if someone breaks out drugs
  • Make sure that your friends know that you will not use drugs
  • Talk to someone reliable immediately after being offered drugs

Have a plan for dealing with drugs so you can protect yourself soon as the need arises.

Help for Des Moines Peer Pressure

If you are currently being pressured to use drugs, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right away. Our counselors are always available with free, confidential advice, so reach out right now for instant help.