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What If My Doctor Prescribes Painkillers While I’m in Recovery?

What If My Doctor Prescribes Painkillers While I’m in Recovery? Recovering from an addiction to prescription painkillers is hard enough without easy access to the drug. If your local Des Moines doctor prescribes you a narcotic painkiller, you are faced with a difficult decision. You are not a medical expert, so you may not know why the drug is being prescribed to you. You must, therefore, speak with your doctor about your addiction to and recovery from painkillers. Be open with your doctor and let him know that you are a recovering addict and that you are worried about relapse.

What to Do When Prescribed Pain Medication

Just because your Des Moines doctor prescribed you an addictive painkiller does not mean that you have to take it. If your doctor prescribed you a painkiller, immediately speak with him about your addiction recovery. Tell him you used to be addicted to painkillers, and give him the details about your drug of choice and how long you suffered from addiction. There may be alternative drugs that achieve the same effects of a painkiller, but are non-abusive and non-addictive. Your doctor will be able to provide more information and can devise a new treatment plan.

Prescription Drug Relapse Help for Des Moines Residents

If your doctor prescribed prescription painkillers and you did not tell him about your addiction, it is likely that you will relapse. If you have already relapsed on painkillers, you have not undone all the progress you have made during your recovery. If you seek help immediately you can undo the damage of prescription drug relapse. You will need to begin treatment again and relearn some of what you already learned during your addiction recovery. Speak with your Des Moines addiction counselor about your relapse and find out what you need to do to get back into treatment.

Get Help for Painkiller Addiction

Suffering from painkiller addiction is torture, but you can achieve recovery by attending a painkiller rehabilitation treatment program. If you want to learn more about painkiller rehabilitation and other types of addiction treatment available for Des Moines residents, call our toll-free helpline today. Our trained addiction counselors are here 24 hours a day to help people like you recover from painkiller and prescription drug addiction. Our counselors can answer your question about painkiller addiction recovery as well as direct you to an effective treatment center. Start the journey toward recovery from drug addiction today.