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What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?

What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?An intervention can be an effective way to convince an addicted Des Moines resident that he or she needs professional treatment. A professional interventionist should conduct the intervention, while family members, friends and other concerned parties meet with the person in question and calmly share their concerns. Participants should stress the fact that their first concern is for the person’s well-being, and friends and family should share examples of the damage that drug addiction is doing to the addicted individual. Intervention participants should not blame or judge the person, as they are not there to condemn them. The goal of an intervention is to inspire an addiction friend or family member to enter treatment.

How an Addiction Intervention Attempt Can Backfire

Confronting an addicted Des Moines resident about his or her drug use is a risky proposition. An intervention can backfire when people conduct it simply don’t have the experience or knowledge needed to deal with matters of drug addiction. If the addiction person is a family member, it can be difficult to maintain your objectivity. It is easy to become emotional and to allow the situation to become heated, tense or confrontational. The person will feel as though he or she is being put on the spot and may become defensive, making it difficult to share a message of support and encouragement.

Family members on both sides of the intervention may unintentionally use the occasion to air dirty laundry and list all the ways that they have let each other down over the years. This is counterproductive and should be saved for family therapy. The purpose of the intervention is to convince an individual of the need for treatment, and the overall message should be one of support and understanding.

A failed intervention may cause the person to shut down communication, making it more difficult to reach them in the future. However a failed intervention does not mean that there is no hope. Another intervention may be successful, especially if it is conducted by a professional. You cannot force an adult in Des Moines to enter treatment without a court order. An intervention is an act of persuasion, and the goal is to get your loved one to enter treatment of his or her free will.

Reasons Des Moines Residents Should Hire a Professional Interventionist

While it is possible to conduct a successful intervention yourself, hiring a professional interventionist will greatly increase the chances of a successful intervention. A professional interventionist will help Des Moines residents by doing the following:

  • Have training and experience in conducting interventions
  • Have knowledge of drug addiction in general and the specific drug in question
  • Have experience dealing with drug addicts and addiction-related behavior
  • Conduct the intervention in a calm manner
  • Maintain their objectivity
  • Maintain focus on the objective of convincing the person to enter treatment
  • Act as a calm, objective mediator between the addict and family members who are emotionally involved

Consider an Intervention for a Loved One in Des Moines

If you know someone with a drug problem and are considering holding an intervention, our staff of trained professionals can answer any questions you may have and offer good, solid advice. Our number is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us.