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What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can’t Do?

What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can't Do?When you Des Moines residents struggle with addiction, it is crucial that they do not attempt recovery without help. Addiction can affect every area of your life, often changing your personality and moods that can prevent logical thinking. Drug addict, often exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors and become obsessed with the drug, to the detriment of everything else. When addicts decide to get clean, they will need professional assistance that helps addicts recover. When Des Moines residents have the help they need, they have the best chance at achieving a successful recovery.

Can I Recover from Addiction Alone?

While some people get clean alone, it is unlikely that they will achieve long-term success without professional help. Many Des Moines residents will need a professional interventionist to realize their need for treatment. The next step in getting clean is detox, during which the body is cleansed of the drug. This is typically accompanied by painful withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous, which is why trying this alone is dangerous. The help of a medical professional is crucial throughout this process to treat symptoms and prevent dangerous ones. Many people need 24 hour supervision during this process. The next step in recovery is uncovering the issues causing the addiction and learning to live without a substance. You will need the help of professional counselors and therapists to get to the root of your addiction and develop strategies for living a drug-free life.

What Sorts of Recovery Professionals Can Help?

During addiction recovery, Des Moines residents will work with a variety of people who are well-educated and licensed to help drug addicts. These professionals are trained in addiction recovery, psychology and/or medicine to assist you. Typically addiction counselors oversee the recovery process; she can help organize an intervention, help the addict get enrolled in rehab and then help the addict transition back to life after treatment.

Once in rehab you will likely encounter a clinical director who is responsible for developing your treatment plan and making sure that it is carried out correctly. You will then be treated by psychologists, counselors, therapists and others who have received specialized training in their areas of expertise. Many programs use therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. All of these professional will help Des Moines residents uncover the cause of addiction and achieve a lasting recovery. Without this sort of specialized treatment, relapse is almost certain.

Des Moines Addiction Help

Are you considering whether or not to get help for addiction? Please call and get your questions answered by one of our counselors. We are here 24 hours a day and our helpline is toll free, so Des Moines residents can call us right now.