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What Are the Benefits of Adventure Therapy?

What Are the Benefits of Adventure Therapy?

White water kayaking is a popular form of adventure therapy

When starting on the path towards recovery, there are numerous benefits of choosing adventure therapy or outdoor therapy. The theory behind adventure therapy is that most addicts suffer from low self-esteem, negative thinking, and a low tolerance for stress, all of which can lead them to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with life’s difficulties. Adventure therapy helps addicts to build new skills, learn how to problem solve, accomplish their goals, and understand the complexities of life beyond their addiction.

What Is Adventure Therapy?

Like other programs, adventure therapy has goals and expectations for addicts who attend the program.  Included in the following are some examples of the goals of adventure therapy:

  • Inspire hope, courage, and confidence
  • Promote self-awareness and personal growth
  • Foster a sense of community and belonging
  • Offer a new fun and healthy context for recovery

Although adventure therapy’s main approach to treatment is nature-focused and offers team-building exercises, it also includes traditional therapy treatments such as group and/or individual counseling, where addicts receive additional support to overcome their addictions. Addicts will be required to attend both the indoor and outdoor sessions, as deemed appropriate to their progress within recovery. Each addict will have a tailored treatment plan with the goal of sobriety being the end result.

The Benefits of Adventure Therapy for Recovering Addicts

Addiction recovery means something different to each addict. Included in the following are some examples of the benefits adventure therapy may provide addicts in the Des Moines area:

  • Decision-making – Learn how to make decisions in the moment that affect oneself and the group.
  • Coping skills – Learn how to tolerate stress, problem solve, and push beyond your comfort zone.
  • Communication – Learn how to communicate effectively with others in order to achieve a common goal.

Adventure therapy is not for everyone. Addicts who have a tendency to ruminate on negative thinking, show signs of depression, or are disengaged from their community will benefit from outdoor therapy.  While traditional rehabilitation programs emphasize inner, emotional recovery, adventure therapy gives addicts a way to experience recovery in a broader context. This type of therapy often proves most valuable to those who enjoy the outdoors, physical activity, and the idea of helping those around them.  Some addicts, however, may respond better to traditional counseling or even medically assisted treatments.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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