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Treatment for Downer Addiction

Treatment for Downer AddictionDowners include many substances that relax the body and cause extreme fatigue. Overdose can occur on these substances when someone either accidentally or intentionally takes more of a drug than her body can handle. This type of overdose can be life threatening, so any Des Moines resident who abuses downers needs professional help as soon as possible. If you abuse these dangerous drugs, do not make the mistake of assuming they will not cause irreversible harm. They are dangerous, so seek help today for drug abuse.

What Are Downers?

The following drugs are some of the most common downers:

  • Seizure medications
  • Pain syndromes

Many Des Moines residents struggle with downer abuse, and an addiction can cause intense struggles. Most people who take these medications for seizures and/or pain syndromes do not generally abuse them.  However, downer addicts usually become so because they abuse medications prescribed for them or loved ones. Many users do not use these drugs alone and will combine them with alcohol and/or opiates to augment the side effects. In low doses this will have similar side effects to feeling drunk, but mixing drugs can be extremely dangerous and deadly. Alcohol, marijuana and many other drugs are downers, and abusing them can cause great problems.

Treatment Options for Downer Addicts

Although each Des Moines drug user will need different therapies to recover, they will all receive the same skeleton structure of treatment that includes the following options:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Group homes

Inpatient treatment is tailored around each addict’s specific needs. It also helps addicts withdraw under medical supervision and experience as little pain as possible. On the other hand, outpatient treatment continues with treatment, but patients return home after treatment ends. Outpatient therapy is designed to help Des Moines’s recovering addicts work through struggles while maintaining complete independence. Lastly, group homes are a great asset for recovering addicts, because they provide recovering addicts with housing and employment while having no tolerance for drug use. Group homes work by giving recovering addicts a strong foundation both emotionally and financially. In other words, Des Moines downer addicts can recover if they have the right support.

Treatment for Des Moines Downer Addicts

If you or a Des Moines loved one suffers from a downer addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today.  Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and they can answer your questions to connect you with the best treatment available. You don’t have fight addiction alone, because we are here to help you.