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Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction Recovery

Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction RecoveryThere is no pill, certain solution or final answer for addiction. Overcoming addiction is an ongoing process that includes adopting a new lifestyle, purging unhealthy habits and developing a new outlook on life in Des Moines. People are different and addictions are different, so certain methods work better than others.

What to Do in Addiction Recovery

The following are tips for what you can do to help your recovery:


  • Be honest about struggles and setbacks
  • Get help for mental health issues like depression or anxiety
  • Participate in support groups even when you feel your recovery is going strong
  • Reach out to a friend or sponsor if you struggle with your addiction recovery
  • Set goals and write a plan of action to complete them
  • Stay active and join a gym, pick up a sport or start hiking
  • Be social by volunteering, going back to school or joining a community group
  • Join an online recovery forum, read recovery literature and talk with others in recovery
  • Help others with their recovery and consider becoming a sponsor
  • Keep an updated list of potential drug use triggers and how you can avoid them
  • Strive for balance, humility and understanding in your life

Work your recovery plan, get help when needed and put forth the effort you need to stay clean and live a healthy life in Des Moines.

What Not to Do in Recovery

Avoid becoming overconfident in your recovery, as overconfidence can do the following:

  • Make you think you can handle one drink or one use of your drug of choice
  • Cause you to let down your guard and become less diligent
  • Lead to hanging out with your old drug-using social circle
  • Precipitate a return to dangerous drug-associated environments
  • Allow you to underestimate the disease

Other actions to avoid in recovery include the following:

  • Skipping group meetings and aftercare counseling
  • Letting the disease manifest in other ways such as behavioral addictions or other drug use
  • Confusing motivation and enthusiasm for actual action
  • Indulging in self-pity
  • Allowing impatience and frustration to fester
  • Ignoring mental health issues and emotional problems

Professional Help to Stay Clean

The most important advice for staying clean in Des Moines is getting help when you need it. If you’ve had a relapse, you may need to reenter treatment. If your recovery is uncertain, addiction specialists can help do the following:

  • Rework and update your personal recovery plan
  • Utilize new and different behavioral tools to combat relapse
  • Provide mental health screenings to look for possible mood disorders
  • Develop specific tools to address whatever throws the recovery off track

It is better to avoid a relapse than to recover from one, so seek help any time you need it.

Ask for Help!

Did you stumble in your recovery? Are you struggling to find or maintain a drug-free life? Our compassionate staff understands what you are going through, and we are here to help. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to discuss your setbacks, ways to stay on track and if additional treatment is needed. We can also check your health insurance policy for coverage. If you need help, we can provide it. Call today.