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The History of Addiction Recovery Services

The History of Addiction Recovery ServicesSubstance abuse and addiction have been problems for years if not centuries, and addiction treatment has largely lagged behind the problem. Until recent years, there were not many effective options for addiction recovery services, but large advances have been made in the last 50 years that have led to increased quality in treatment.

Early Addiction Treatment

After the government banned the prescription of opiates to treat addiction in 1928, they opened two prisons to house people that were addicted to narcotics. Between 1935 and 1950, treatment for addiction largely consisted of the administration of codeine for mild addictions, and morphine and methadone for more serious addictions. Today, it is widely known that these substances are highly addictive themselves, and they were simply creating a new addiction instead of treating the existing addiction.

Advances in Addiction Treatment

In 1947, Addicts Anonymous was formed, beginning a new frontier in addiction treatment. By the mid-1950’s, several types of therapy, including group and psychological therapy, were available to help users addicted to drugs or alcohol. When electroconvulsive therapy came along, it was initially supported as a treatment for addiction, but over time there was an outcry against the therapy as a form of treatment. By the 1970’s, the mental health community widely considered addiction treatment as outside their scope of treatment because of the public’s outcry against electroconvulsive therapy.

Since the 1970’s, addiction treatment has rapidly improved, with the addition of in-depth rehab programs and other forms of inpatient treatment designed to treat the user on multiple levels. The advances made since the 1970’s have allowed for a higher success rate than ever before, and advances are now being made annually to help users succeed in their addiction recovery.

Start Your Addiction Recovery

There is a form of treatment available that will help you recover from your addiction. Our toll-free helpline is the perfect place for you to turn to in order to learn more about the types of treatment being offered and to have your questions about addiction answered. We are available 24 hours a day to tell you if your health insurance will pay for addiction rehab and to direct you to an effective addiction treatment center that will address your needs. Call us now and let us help you take the first step in your addiction recovery.