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The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job PerformanceThere is no way around it – drinking is part of our culture. However, drinking to excess and suffering numerous hangovers is incredibly problematic, especially for someone who is holding down a job. When drinking begins to impact a person’s health, he or she might start having problems in the workplace because of it, which can lead to professional issues up to and possibly including termination.

The Effect of Hangovers on Job Performance

Almost everybody of age knows what it feels like to have a hangover and how it can impact the day after a night of drinking. However, when drinking becomes a nightly thing, these hangovers can affect job performance in the following ways:

  • Missing work – A bad hangover might cause individuals to call out of work because they have symptoms such as a pounding headache, elevated blood pressure, and an upset stomach. As these hangovers continue and individuals continue to call out of work, they are no longer viewed as being reliable, and their reputation at work is harmed.
  • Getting sick – Going to work despite having a hangover can be just as problematic as calling out sick. It can be difficult for a person to stay focused if he or she is constantly getting sick in the bathroom or fighting a horrible headache. This makes him or her less productive in the workplace.
  • Being irresponsible – To be successful in any work environment, it is important that individuals are on their game. When a person is feeling under the weather because of drinking, he or she cannot focus and cannot uphold responsibilities to the best of his or her ability, impacting everyone.

Calling out of work, getting sick while on the clock, and not being responsible are some of the many effects of hangovers on job performance.

Additional Dangers of Hangovers and Drinking

As this behavior continues, individuals who are continuing to drink to the point of experiencing nasty hangovers run the risk of being suspended from work, receiving written and verbal warnings, and possibly even being terminated. These problems at work can also follow them to their next job, especially if they continue to work in the same field, as their reputation can precede them. It is critical that individuals struggling with drinking and hangovers get help to not only save their jobs, but their lives as well.

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