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Drub Rehab for Des Moines Teens

Teen Drub Rehab in Des Moines

The need for teen drug rehab treatment among Des Moines, Iowa adolescents has become more apparent in recent years. In fact, 4.5 percent of male teenagers and 2.3 percent of female teenagers suffered from some form of substance abuse issues in Iowa alone. According to a 2006 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, on any given day, there were nearly 800 teenagers undergoing addiction treatment in the State of Iowa – accounting for 11 percent of those across the state.

Iowa Teen Drug Use

Marijuana remained the foremost illegal drug used by Iowa teens, with nearly 88 percent of addicted males and 81 percent of addicted females indicating they had used marijuana. Methamphetamine use also has become a pandemic among Des Moines teenagers, with nearly 16 percent of Iowa adolescents seeking addiction treatment having used methamphetamines. Cocaine addiction also reached surprising heights among teenagers seeking teen drug rehab, with nearly one thousand teens each year seeking treatment and self-reporting cocaine use.

The Need for Drug Rehab for Des Moines, Iowa Teens

According to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), nearly 6,000 teenagers across Iowa alone needed teen drug rehab but did not receive treatment for their addictions. In fact, the study estimated that between 2003 and 2006, more than a million teens across Iowa were in need of drug addiction treatment, when measured against psychological criteria for addiction.

Drug Rehab for Adult Teens

Despite the fact that many teenagers are of the age of majority in Des Moines, some still require specialized addiction treatment during drug rehab due to their developing brains and bodies. Special attention during the detoxification phase of addiction treatment – particularly with regard to nutritional deficiencies that may have resulted from drug use or medical complications that could arise – may be necessary and require inpatient care. Additionally, the unique issues that teenagers who have experienced drug addiction face psychologically may require intensive treatment during teen drug rehab. The ability to distinguish between normal mood fluctuations and those that may have resulted from chemical imbalances brought on by continued drug use may help ensure effective treatment. Cases of preexisting depression, anxiety disorders or personality disorders can also complicate drug addiction rehab, necessitating drug rehab facilities with experience in dealing with Dual Diagnosis cases in teens.