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Six Ways that Addiction Is the Same Across the World

Six Ways that Addiction Is the Same Across the World

The underlying causes of addiction are similar all around the world

Diversity is something that has defined humanity from its beginnings. Rich cultures and traditions make living in each country a different experience. There are certain things, however, that we all have in common despite living thousands of miles away.

Universal Causes of Addiction

Des Moines residents struggling with substance abuse may wonder if addiction is the same in other cities, states or countries. Addiction is similar all around the world because of its underlying causes and the biochemical changes that occur in the body when it develops. Although the struggles vary from person to person, we can list at least six ways in which the causes of addiction are similar across the world.

  • Experimentation – One of the main reasons why a person begins abusing drugs is being curious about “how does it feel.” The idea of discovering something new can sometimes become so alluring that we forget what we have learned or heard about the risks and possible consequences of using addictive drugs.
  • Peer pressure – The desire to be accepted by a group of people is something that we can see in almost all levels of society regardless of where we live. And even though this is normal, it acquires a negative connotation when our peers encourage us to use illicit substances. The desire of acceptance may cloud our good judgment.
  • Stress and anxiety – Stress and anxiety are a natural part of functioning in society. Unexpected circumstances and overwhelming problems might become suffocating to the point where a person believes the only way to feel relaxed again is by abusing a substance. What at first might be expected to be a one-time-only use could develop into a serious problem of dependence.
  • Misuse of prescriptions – Many prescription medications can be habit-forming. Common examples of these drugs prescribed for a medical condition include painkillers and antidepressants. Some people believe that there is no need to be cautious since these drugs are approved by a doctor, when in reality, the danger of addiction is very similar to the one present when using illegal drugs.
  • Availability – Both illegal and prescription drugs are usually available and even advertised in different parts of the world. In some countries, it’s not hard to get a prescription with different doctors for the same condition. It is also not hard to find dealers who make drugs accessible to anyone who wants to buy them.
  • Lack of understanding – Although there are many programs both in schools and as part of community efforts, many who fall into addiction have little to no understanding as to how addiction works in the brain, what dependence means, and why is it so difficult to quit without addiction rehab. This lack of education limits the perception of someone who might be considering using addictive substances. There is still a need for more prevention programs in most parts of the world.

These examples of underlying causes of addiction can help us see the ways addiction is the same across the world, and requires the same treatment regardless of your nationality or location..

Find Drug Abuse Help

If you or a loved one in Des Moines is struggling with addiction, find the help you need today. An important part of comprehensive addiction help is treatment with a licensed counselor, therapist or a certified recovery coach. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day to help you find all you might need to fight addiction. From intervention services to addiction rehab, you can find the right program for you or your loved one with the best values. Give recovery a chance and call today.