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Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?

Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?Addiction recovery is a time of healing, change, and hope. Recovering addicts in Des Moines want to start fresh and begin enjoying what life has to offer outside of addiction. Unfortunately, recovery is also a stage of difficult challenges, and the emotions –whether good or bad – which a person experiences in a romantic relationship can trigger relapse and inhibit the addict from achieving full recovery.

The joy of a new relationship can make a positive impact on recovery. However, in many cases, it can easily put a recovering addict in a state of instability. An addict in the throes of recovery is not the person that he was, and he may wish to express that with a new, healthy relationship. However, he is not the person he will be six months or a year down the road. It is a time of change and personal growth that should not be endangered by a relationship.

How Long Should I Wait to be in a Relationship in Des Moines after Addiction?

Professionals advise against dating during rehab. It can distract a recovering addict from facing issues or past relationship struggles that contributed to the addiction. It can also motivate him to find fulfillment and self-worth in another person rather than in being a new person and making healthy choices. Some suggest waiting until a full year of recovery has passed before beginning to date in Des Moines.

How Do I Start Dating Again in Des Moines after Addiction?

One of the most challenging aspects of dating after addiction is being honest with a new romantic interest without driving him or her away. Having a social life again may seem intimidating, and romantic relationships can contribute to the fear. Recovering addicts in Des Moines should focus on finding someone who makes them feel as though they can be honest rather than someone to whom they are merely physically attracted.

An important thing to remember is that if a recovering addict revisits his old social scenes in Des Moines, he is less likely to find someone who shares his new values and interests. Hoping to meet a romantic interest at a party or a bar could lead him to someone who has the same struggles he faced a year ago. While it may seem difficult to meet people other places, having patience is worth it. Relapsing because a new romantic interest struggles with drug addiction is not worth it. Community sponsored sober events, classes, and a new job, or new hobbies can create avenues for recovering addicts to meet people who share their interests.

Treatment for Drug Addiction and Help for Recovery

If you or a loved one in Des Moines is addicted to drugs or struggling with recovery, there is hope for a fresh start. Call our toll-free helpline to speak with a trained counselor about how you can achieve lifelong recovery. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you decide on the professional treatment plan that is right for you. Please call today.