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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Addiction TreatmentAs a metropolitan hub situated within the State of Iowa, Des Moines experiences demand for inpatient addiction treatment, much like other metropolitan areas within the United States. In fact, alcoholism across Iowa has continually risen in the 21st century, with Iowa itself seeing a staggering 2.1 gallons of absolute alcohol sales per capita within the state, signifying a 50 percent increase over the last 10 years alone. Among inpatient addiction treatment patients in Iowa, 61 percent cite alcoholism as their primary addiction. Drug addiction also has plagued the City of Des Moines, with Iowa treating nearly 23 percent of addicted individuals for marijuana addiction and the drug accounting for more than half of cases of drug-addicted youth across the state.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Des Moines, Iowa Residents

Inpatient addiction treatment offers several advantages to Des Moines residents, particularly in the extensiveness of recovery options that can be experienced. The vast majority of inpatient addiction treatment centers offer extended stays that can range from 14 to 90 days – though most inpatient addiction programs span 30 days on average. Residential addiction treatment programs offer a retreat-like setting in which recovery can take place in a focused environment away from drinking buddies or drug associates, career or home pressures, or environmental stimuli that serve as “triggers” for drug and alcohol use. The length of inpatient addiction treatment stays also allows for the establishment of healthy routines, regular schedules and life-coping skills that can serve the drug- or alcohol-addicted individual both during the drug treatment period and well into recovery.

Comprehensive Inpatient Addiction Treatment Beyond Des Moines, Iowa

Additionally, many inpatient addiction treatment centers outside of the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area offer on-site resources that  provide comprehensive recovery care. From drug and alcohol detoxification facilities which provide safe, medically supervised settings for guiding patients through the withdrawal phase of recovery to holistic treatments such as meditation workshops, nutritional assessments, and yoga and exercise classes, residential inpatient addiction treatment centers simply have the capacity to provide rounder recovery options beyond those available in outpatient care. Intensive psychological counseling also have become a mainstay of inpatient addiction treatment programs, from group therapy options to one-on-one sessions with a licensed clinical therapist who specializes in addiction treatment.

If you or someone you love in the Des Moines area — or within the State of Iowa — currently struggles against alcoholism or drug addiction, we invite you to speak with confidential addiction specialists about addiction treatment. With a wealth of experience in aligning the nation’s top inpatient addiction treatment centers with individuals facing personal addictions to drugs and alcohol, our patient staff can help you clarify your addiction treatment options. We welcome your toll-free call at any time of day or night and count it a privilege to help you take the first steps towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.