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Rehab Admissions Process

Rehab Admissions ProcessWhen facing a gripping addiction, trying to figure out how to start recovery can seem impossible. For any Des Moines resident starting recovery can be as simple as making a phone call to find help. But, what happens after that? You may be feeling pretty anxious about the whole procedure of entering rehab, but with a little research and added knowledge you will realize that starting rehab is not that big of a deal, and it can make a huge impact on your life.

How to Find a Rehabilitation Center for Des Moines Residents

The first step for recovery is to find a rehab and contact them on the phone. Des Moines addicts may find themselves in contact with a larger company first; this company will assess your addiction as well as your location and other personal information in order to the rehab centers that best suits you. Once they’ve matched you to a right rehab center, they will probably get you in contact with that specific center. Your rehab center will want to talk to you about your addiction and arrange plans for you to begin your stay there. This will not be a major problem; it is simply the first step in communication with your rehab center. All Des Moines addicts should contact a company to determine whether or not rehab is necessary.

What Happens during Addiction Rehabilitation

When patients first arrive at rehab, the staff will probably ask you to fill out an addiction assessment. This is not an assessment designed to test your knowledge, so there isn’t any reason to be nervous about it. Your rehab center simply wants to get to know each Des Moines resident better as well as learn more about your specific addiction. They will ask you questions about your addiction, how often you abuse drugs or alcohol, how you began abusing drugs/alcohol, etc. This assessment will help the rehab center understand more about your case and how best to treat you.

Des Moines Addiction Rehabilitation Help

If you or someone you love in Des Moines is struggling with addiction or drug abuse and needs to get in contact with professional help immediately, we are waiting for you. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day to help you when you need us most. Our phone line is ready with abuse and addiction counselors to answer your questions and get you in contact with the right rehab center for your specific needs. We can also help you find out if your insurance company will be able to help you pay for the cost of treatment. Don’t wait; call us now.