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Outpatient Des Moines Addiction Treatment

Outpatient Des Moines Addiction TreatmentMore than 40,000 Americans die each year from illicit and prescription drug addiction, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse. Within the State of Iowa alone, accidental deaths from fatal combination of drugs and alcohol increased by 85 percent solely between the years of 2002 and 2006, according to the State Department of Public Health. Furthermore, while Des Moines residents often seek treatment for alcoholism, the State of Iowa itself still experiences some of the nation’s highest rates of binge drinking – regularly placing among the country’s top five states as far as rates of problem drinking.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Des Moines Residents

The City of Des Moines – as well as Iowa as a whole – has attempted to address the problems with drug addiction and alcoholism through several public initiatives. With a progressive drug diversion program to encourage the arrested to seek outpatient addiction treatment, the State of Iowa has sought treatment for addicted individuals over incarceration for first-time drug offenders. Additionally, Iowa has enacted some of the strictest laws on prescription medication abuse and even over-the-counter medication controls, in order to curb rising methamphetamine consumption – and meth production – within its state borders.

However, while outpatient treatment can offer the possibility of sobriety to many, the relapse rates associated with outpatient care for drug and alcohol treatment are often disheartening. Despite alcohol and drug addiction education classes, regular and randomized drug testing and addiction counseling sessions, the vast majority of outpatient addiction treatment programs simply do not have the bandwidth to provide ongoing or intensive addiction treatment for Des Moines addicts in need of rehab. For many individuals in the greater Des Moines region, inpatient addiction treatment can offer higher levels of supervision, more thorough mental health treatment, and a seamless transition between drug and alcohol detoxification and treatment during the psychological portion of addiction recovery.

The Need for Inpatient Addiction Recovery for Des Moines, Iowa Addicts

If you or someone you love has encountered a drug or alcohol addiction, our trained addiction staff members can help you locate addiction treatment best suited for your personal needs. We welcome you to call 24 hours a day, free of charge, with any questions or inquiries you might have about the appropriateness of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab and its advantages over standardized outpatient care. Our patient and professional addiction treatment counselors can help you assess the need for inpatient care in light of complicating conditions such as poly-drug addiction, long-term drug addiction or alcoholism, the presence of mental health disorders or prior incidents of relapse. With in-depth knowledge of some of the nation’s top drug and alcohol treatment programs, we can easily match you with rehab programs aligned with your financial means, enrollment time frame, and the nature and duration of your addiction.