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Is My Addiction My Fault?

Is My Addiction My Fault?Some addictions develop more quickly than others, but no one becomes addicted because of one bad decision. Addiction derives from many decisions and behaviors, but choosing to get involved in substance abuse holds any Des Moines drug addict responsible for her problem. Therefore, addicts are responsible for their early decisions to use, but after addiction sets in it drives their thoughts, decisions and behaviors.

Who Should Des Moines Residents Blame for Addiction?

Many people want to know what is to blame when bad things happen, and addiction is no different. A Des Moines drug addict may feel so guilty that he takes on all the blame for his addiction. However, some addicts respond differently and blame others for their choices, excusing their own actions. So, whose fault is addiction? Are addicts entirely responsible for their problems?

Addicts must balance personal accountability and external support. Yes, addicts initiate their problems by using drugs, but self-control diminishes once addiction sets in. The many terrible consequences of addiction, including continuing to use drugs or alcohol, are beyond a user’s control. Des Moines drug addicts are both physically and psychologically unable to break free from addiction without help. This can cause addicts to say things they do not mean, destroy relationships, behave irresponsibly, blow finances, lose a job, gamble their health, etc.

How Des Moines Residents Can Manage Guilt Resulting from Addiction

Many addicts experience guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness from their behavior. While an addict may feel guilty for using drugs or alcohol in the first place, she can use this as a catalyst for change. Addiction does not make someone a “bad” person. What is said or done during addiction are not true testaments to a person’s character. While addicts lack control over their addictive behaviors, they do have the power to get help. The embarrassing, hurtful consequences of addiction will continue as long as Des Moines drug addicts let them. When they recognize their addictions, they may feel guilty for avoiding treatment, because help is readily available.

Des Moines Addiction Help

You do not have to feel hopeless or powerless to your addiction any longer. You have the power and ability to quit your addiction, and we are here to help. Please call our toll-free helpline now, and take the first step towards your recovery. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to help any Des Moines resident find treatment. Our counselors will listen to you, provide information and help you find a treatment program that helps your recovery needs. Your future is in your hands. Please pick up the phone and call for help today.