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How to Set Boundaries with an Addict

How to Set Boundaries with an AddictIf one of your loved ones in Des Moines is suffering from addiction, you may want do whatever you can to help them heal. Although it may seem wrong, sometimes the best thing you can do for an addict is to set boundaries. Doing everything an addict asks you to do can lead to you enabling his or her addiction, and enabling the addiction can make the addiction worse or last longer. Setting boundaries with an addict will prevent you from becoming an enabler and can lead to the user getting the help he or she needs to beat the addiction.

What Is an Enabler?

An enabler is someone who is perpetuating a user’s addiction by his or her actions, whether it is on purpose or not. Enabling a user could be providing the user with drugs or alcohol, giving them money that allows them to continue their addiction, or providing housing or food for them so their addiction can continue. Enabling your loved ones in Des Moines may feel like you are helping them, but it actually hurts them. If they know they can live comfortably with you in Des Moines and still abuse drugs, they have no motivation to end their abuse.

Setting Boundaries Can Help Addicts

If you are an enabler or are afraid an addict is using you in Des Moines, setting boundaries may be the best thing you can do for your loved one. Setting boundaries may include telling your loved one you are not providing anymore drugs or alcohol for them, telling them you will not give them more money, or telling them they can not live with you anymore It takes a lot of courage to set boundaries with an addict, but by setting boundaries, you will show the addict that you will not put up with their addiction any longer.

Addiction Treatment Options

Setting boundaries can be tough, but they can lead your loved one to seek addiction treatment in Des Moines. If your loved one is ready to receive treatment for addiction, we want to help. Our toll-free helpline is here to help addicts recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our trained addiction experts can answer any questions you have about substance abuse or addiction treatment. Our experts will give you the details of addiction treatment options and help you locate an effective treatment center. We are standing by to help you 24 hours a day, so call us now.