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How Stressful Events Trigger Mental Health Issues

How Stressful Events Trigger Mental Health IssuesStressful events in Des Moines can trigger an anxiety disorder, panic attacks or depression. Substance abuse often plays a role as a contributor to the mental health issue or as an ill-advised means to mask the symptoms. Stress and drug abuse are dangerous combination, as both can initiate a mental health issue, and the combined effects of both can accelerate the disorder.

How Drug Abuse Causes Stress

The following are several ways in which drug abuse can cause stress:

  • It strains family relationships and finances
  • It increases the likelihood of health, employment and legal consequences
  • It creates painful withdrawal symptoms and side effects
  • It produces diminished decision-making skills leading to other stressful events

Even the act of trying to deny an addiction is stressful. The wide variety of drug-related stresses makes addiction a major trigger for mental health problems in Des Moines residents.

How Stress Leads to Drug Abuse in Des Moines

An addiction causes stress, and the reverse is equally true. A person might abuse drugs to accomplish the following:

  • Self-medicate stress, anxiety and emotional discomfort
  • Produce the relaxation and euphoria that comes with initial drug use
  • Forget or suppress difficult memories and events
  • Temporarily lower inhibitions and feelings of responsibility

A stressful event can also recall past traumas which can further contribute to drug abuse and mental health concerns. Stress can make people feel they have lost control over their lives in Des Moines.

Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction and mental health issues are neurological diseases, and there is considerable overlap between the two. These common links, which tend to make each condition worse, can include the following:

  • Addiction can unlock or intensify a mental health problem
  • Drug abuse and mood disorders share similar signs and symptoms
  • The shared symptoms tend to increase in strength and rate of occurrence
  • Mental health issues tend to accelerate drug use and its side effects

Co-occurring conditions like addiction and mood disorders limit the effectiveness of treating one problem, if the other goes unaddressed. Integrated treatment for all related disorders is the most effective path to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Des Moines Residents

Dual Diagnosis treatment offers an integrated approach to recovery that addresses multiple disorders at once. This form of treatment can include the following:

  • Mental health screenings to identify and treat mood disorders
  • Behavioral therapies to eliminate unhealthy habits and instill positive life skills
  • Development of stress management techniques and strategies
  • Learning to identify, avoid and resist personal drug-use triggers
  • Alternative methods to treat pain, anxiety or other conditions that initiated drug use
  • Peer group support to discuss experiences with others
  • Aftercare counseling to monitor mental health and recovery

Professional treatment also utilizes the latest detox techniques to maximize comfort and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Abuse Help for Des Moines Residents

Are you struggling with drug abuse, stress or a mental health concern? Call our toll-free helpline to get the help you need. Our counselors can discuss signs of addiction or mental health issues and make recommendations for integrated treatment, rehab and further care. We can also check health insurance policies for coverage benefits. Call today, and let us help.