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How Much Addiction Counseling Do I Need?

How Much Addiction Counseling Do I Need?Addiction can affect anyone, but not everyone is affected in exactly the same manner or to the same degree. Treatment varies to fit these individual situations, but there are certain guidelines and rules of thumb. In general longer treatment times equate to better outcomes. Treatment can be on a residential or outpatient basis, or can be a combination of both. Often people will start their treatment in a residential setting and then continue to see a counselor after discharge. For many years 30 days has been a typical amount of time spent in residential rehab. Over the last few years addiction specialists have begun recommending longer stays. Many experts now recommend at least 90 days of treatment. Some programs are much longer, and are a good option for many Des Moines addicts.

Why Longer Time in Treatment Is More Effective for Des Moines Residents

Longer stays are more effective for a number of reasons such as the following:

  • Addiction is a brain disease and the brain needs time to heal. While it is healing, it is important to have a supportive environment in which temptations are minimized.
  • It takes time to replace old habits with new ones. The longer new habits are practiced in treatment, the more likely it is that Des Moines patients will continue them afterwards.
  • As rehab progresses, ties to old peer groups grow weaker. This can be a positive thing because people in recovery often need to develop new friendships and learn new activities.
  • Addiction generally causes much family strife. A longer time apart can give Des Moines families time to begin their own healing process.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders through Addiction Counseling

There are a number of factors that may affect how much counseling someone needs. One significant factor is whether or not the Des Moines patient has a co-occurring mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder. These conditions are very common in those who suffer from addiction. When people suffer from co-occurring disorders, it’s important to treat them both in a comprehensive manner, and doing so is likely to require more time than it would if the patient suffered from addiction alone. The amount of counseling that Des Moines addicts need depends to a large degree on the progress they make, which is something the counselor can determine as treatment progresses.

Des Moines Addiction Counseling

If you live in Des Moines and are ready to begin treating your addiction, we can help. Call our helpline and let us assist you in sorting through your options. We can also check your insurance coverage, if you wish, at no cost or obligation. We’re available 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline, so there’s nothing to lose. Call now.