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How Are Drug and Process Addictions Connected?

How Are Drug and Process Addictions Connected?Process addictions are often related to compulsive behaviors such as sex addiction, eating disorders, gambling problems and/or shopping addictions. Des Moines residents who struggle with a process addiction often grow dependent upon their compulsive behaviors, and this reliance may be so strong that they cannot function without the compulsive behavior. This type of behavior is usually linked to drug addiction, as the behaviors are quite similar. However, regardless of the problem someone faces, she will need professional treatment to recover from either addiction.

The Link between Drug Abuse and Process Addictions

While some Des Moines residents with process addictions never abuse drugs, others often do. This may be primarily due to the numerous similarities in both the behaviors and actions of each addiction. As a result, someone with a process addiction can also develop a drug abuse problem. Some of the many ways in which these two serious issues are connected can include the following problems:

  • Behaviors – The common thread between both process addictions and drug abuse is an individual’s behaviors. The one behavior that drives both issues is compulsivity, or the constant, immediate need for more of a given behavior. This compulsion is exactly what fuels a process addiction and can quickly spill over into the desire to abuse drugs.
  • Coping – Many Des Moines residents who struggle with a process addiction can link their behaviors to one or more instances that caused stress, sadness or anger. To cope with these emotions, many people turn to sex, gambling or shopping for relief, but when that is not enough, they can easily fall into drug abuse as an addiction coping method.
  • Dependency – An individual with a process addiction often grows dependent on the behaviors and results that come from engaging in the process. If she begins using drugs in conjunction with her process addiction, this same mentality can repeat itself, causing her to start developing a dependency on drugs.

The behaviors of addictions, reasons for coping and the potential for dependency link both process addictions and drug abuse together. This link can prove to be a deadly combination for anyone with both co-occurring issues. To recover from these issues, patients should seek professional help.

Treatment for Process Addictions and Drug Abuse

The most effective form of treatment for co-occurring disorders such as these is Dual Diagnosis treatment, where patients work with a team of medical and psychological professionals to treat both issues at the same time. During this process, Des Moines residents will not only withdraw from their drug use, but also learn how their drug use and process addictions are related. Once they accomplish this step, they can develop coping skills that will better improve their lifestyles.

Help for Des Moines Residents with a Process or Drug Addiction

If you struggle with these issues and live in Des Moines, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get connected to the help you deserve. Do not waste one more day battling these challenging disorders. Let us help you by calling us right now.