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Des Moines Holistic Rehab

Des Moines Holistic RehabFor those encountering addiction in Des Moines, holistic rehabilitation programs can help provide a necessary and comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment. The use of alternative medicines, psychological counseling, meditative techniques and body work can help aid stress reduction and better lifestyle management for the recovering alcoholic or drug addict. Additionally, holistic addiction programs available to Des Moines residents generally take a drug-free approach to the detox process, known as “natural detox.” In cases where relapse has occurred prior and substitute addictions have taken place, natural detoxification can better situate addicted individuals for lasting recovery.

Holistic Rehab Components for Des Moines Residents

Each holistic inpatient addiction rehab program differs in the services they offer, depending on the capacity and expertise of the center at hand. However, here are a few standard services that many holistic rehabilitation centers can provide to Des Moines, Iowa residents seeking addiction treatment.

  • Health Testing
    Some addiction treatment centers servicing Des Moines addicts offer comprehensive diagnostic testing for health-related issues. From initial drug testing performed on intake to thyroid testing, metabolic diagnostic tests, nutritional testing and blood chemistry analysis, health tests can be performed to reveal both deficiencies and complicating health issues that may have arisen from – or in some cases, even contributed to the formation of – drug or alcohol addiction. These tests can be particularly important for those recovering from alcoholism or stimulant drug usage, as nutritional deficiencies are often associated with both.
  • Nutritional Plans and Supplements
    Nutrition can affect all aspects of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, from neurotransmitter production and its relation to mood stabilization to physical health, sleep patterns and immunity. Critical amino acids, vitamins and minerals can be added to a patient’s daily intake through the use of nutritional supplements. At some holistic rehabilitation centers, nutritionists can work with patients to establish healthy eating patterns for lasting nutritional balance. Nutritional plans can also become useful in staving off withdrawal symptoms and heightening memory, learning and cognition during the addiction recovery process.
  • Body Work and Exercise
    Some addiction treatment centers with holistic methods can offer body work to Des Moines residents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. While such services are often associated with high-end residential addiction treatment facilities, some insurance companies will also cover these treatments on an outpatient basis. Through the use of body work, massage, acupressure and acupuncture, stress relief can be obtained, immunity strengthened and in some cases, pain management can also be achieved. In combination with approaches from traditional medicine and psychotherapy, forms of exercise such as cardio work, yoga, pilates and qi gong can also aid production of endorphins, promote detoxification, increase ease of movement and enable stress reduction within the body.