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Free Des Moines Alcohol Rehab

Free Des Moines Alcohol RehabFor those facing alcoholism in Des Moines, Iowa, inpatient alcohol rehabilitation can provide an opportunity for treatment to re-obtain a life of sobriety. However, the high price tag of residential alcohol treatment centers can prove daunting for Des Moines alcoholics — leading many individuals to erroneously assume they simply cannot afford inpatient care. Fortunately, there are many financing options available for alcohol rehabs across the country. Through the use of resources such as insurance coverage, county detoxification services and 12-step meetings in conjunction with residential alcohol treatment programs, addicts can achieve sobriety.

Low-Cost and Free Alcohol Rehab for Des Moines Alcoholics

Each year, thousands of Iowa residents enter addiction treatment for alcoholism. Here are just a few of the ways to obtain low-cost or free alcohol rehab treatment by taking advantage of available resources for those in need of addiction help.

  • 12-Step Meetings
    12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous offer donation-based, free support groups for those seeking to overcome alcoholism. For some, attendance at 12-step meetings can pave the way for more intensive residential alcohol treatment, by allowing alcohol-addicted individuals to gain support and achieve sobriety while they gather resources for inpatient alcohol rehab.
  • Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab
    For the vast majority of Des Moines residents, inpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs are mostly — and in some cases, entirely — covered by private insurance. From detoxification services to occupational counseling, many insurance policies allow for a host of alcohol rehabilitation services — including 14-, 30-, 60- or even 90-day stays at inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers or sober living facilities.
  • Rehab Financed by Family and Friends
    While many alcohol-addicted individuals may find themselves reticent to reach out for help, family and friends will often offer personal loans in order to finance alcoholism treatment. For those who successfully achieve alcohol rehabilitation, finances and relationships often benefit as a result, allowing alcoholic individuals to repay those who have helped financed their recovery.
  • Work-Subsidized Alcohol Rehab
    For those who have full-time employment, speaking to a human resources professional at work can sometimes help provide free or low-cost alcohol treatment. Some companies have policies on alcohol rehabilitation that fully subsidize the cost of rehab — particularly for first-time treatment.
  • Alcohol Rehab Financing
    Many alcohol treatment centers across the country will provide financing options for Des Moines residents who are in need of immediate alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation. Structured to take the financial burden off the recovering alcoholic, many treatment centers offer low-interest payment plans for those in need of treatment.