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Do People Recover From Addiction?

Do People Recover From Addiction?The recovery process for most addicts is not exactly a black and white situation. Addiction is not a disease in the sense that a cold is a disease: Des Moines drug addicts can not just take some medicine and be completely addiction-free in a few days. For many people, addiction is something that they must be aware of for much of their life after recovery. However, that does not mean that a Des Moines drug addict cannot recover from addiction. People recover from addictions, but addiction never fully goes away. It is always there waiting for you to slip up and return to your old ways, which is why you always have to be conscious of your old addiction and be careful to avoid relapse.

What Des Moines Residents Can Do after Rehab

While Des Moines residents may hear that they will never fully recover from addiction, they should know what people mean by that. You can get through detox with determination and professional help, which means that you will lose the cravings and withdrawal symptoms after rehab. However, you will always be particularly susceptible to addiction now that you have been addicted once and abused drugs so much in the past. This means that for the rest of your life you will need to be conscious of this and avoid situations that might encourage you to slip up and abuse drugs once again.

For someone who has been addicted and battled addiction through recovery, even one slip up and drug use can cause them to relapse. Relapse can even make your addiction stronger than it was before, which means more trouble and hard work from you. Relapse is not something to be taken lightly. Therefore, while you no longer feel the effects of your old addiction, you will always need to be wary of situations that could cause your addiction to flare up again.

Help for Des Moines Drug Addicts

Our toll-free, 24 hour helpline is available to Des Moines residents right now; recovery counselors are waiting for your call. Our counselors can answer your questions about addiction and treatment. They can also help you find the professionals that you need to help you through recovery. Our counselors can even help you find out if your insurance will be able to help you pay for treatment. Don’t delay any longer; find the help that you need to start this journey toward addiction recovery. Call us now and begin your work to sobriety.