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Defining Recreational Drug Use

Defining Recreational Drug UseWhere is the line between legitimate medical use of drugs and recreational drug use? How can Des Moines drug users know if they have become addicted to a drug that was once prescribed for pain relief, anxiety, depression or sleep struggles? What does “recreational drug use” even mean?

Addiction is a powerful psychological disease that corrupts the way the brain functions. One of the most common symptoms of addiction is confusion, justification or denial when an addict is challenged or confronted about his drug use. “I’m not an addict,” he may insist, “this is my medication.” While that may be true, it may also be that the disease of addiction is taking over and clouding his judgment.

What Des Moines Drug Users Should Know about Recreational Drug Use

The following is a partial list of symptoms that a Des Moines resident’s use of drugs has become recreational and problematic:

  • You are taking your medication longer, in higher doses or more frequently than prescribed
  • You have been dishonest with your doctor, pharmacist, friends or loved ones in order to get more drugs
  • You have tried to quit in the past but can’t seem to stay clean for very long
  • You have lost interest in previously important relationships or activities in lieu of substance use
  • You associate a “good time” with using your drugs
  • You frequently think about, or fantasize about, using drugs when you are not high
  • Your use of drugs is costing you financially, personally or professionally and yet you won’t quit
  • You frequently blame others for mistakes you have made while on drugs or in order to get drugs
  • You become defensive when asked about your drug use

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, seek professional drug treatment before your addiction gets any worse.

The Problem of Recreational Drug Use for Des Moines Residents

Once the use of drugs or alcohol has become recreational for Des Moines residents, it will progress until it either kills them, or they reach a sort of “rock bottom” and realize that they need help. Your continued use of drugs will not only hurt you, it will hurt everyone around you. At first, using drugs is an automatic party, but that fades. Before long, drugs are simply expensive requirements for your brain to function in any remotely normal way. As your tolerance builds you will need larger and more frequent doses in order to feel the desired effect. This greatly increases your odds of overdose.

24 Hour Addiction Helpline

If you are concerned about your recreational use of drugs, or would like confidential advice from an addiction expert, please call our toll-free helpline right away. Our admissions coordinators can connect you with excellent recovery programs, can answer questions about treatment options and can even help with insurance confirmation. Don’t let your recreational use of drugs cost you your family, your finances, your freedom or you life. We’re here for you. Call now.