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Chemical Dependence Treatment

Chemical Dependence TreatmentWhen Des Moines residents cannot stop drinking or abusing drugs despite the awareness and presence of health, legal, economic and social consequences, they are chemically dependent. Chemical dependence is not affected by financial wealth, gender or social demographics. Chemically dependent individuals may be able to stop using for a while, but they will not be able to maintain sobriety in the long-term. Drug dependence is a disease that gets worse with time and that requires more than detox to overcome. Logic and willpower are not a sufficient match for chemical dependence.

Signs of Chemical Dependence in Des Moines Residents

The following are potential signs of chemical dependence in Des Moines residents:

  • Frequent and habitual drug or alcohol use
  • Deceit regarding amount and frequency of use
  • Avoiding honest friends or situations which will require honesty
  • Dedicating thoughts to drug use and how the drug will be obtained
  • Replacing activities previously enjoyed with activities dedicated to drug use
  • Belief that drug use is the only way to have fun
  • Experiencing legal consequences related to drug use
  • Work performance and relationships suffer
  • Depressed, hopeless or suicidal feelings

Is Chemical Dependence Psychological?

Chemical dependence is psychological, but it is psychological in a chemical sense. A dependent Des Moines resident has become physically addicted to a drug, because the brain has begun to rely upon the drug to supply chemicals which the brain was once responsible for producing. Because the brain “needs” the drug, the brain rationalizes and justifies drug. These compensatory efforts made by the brain compromise users’ ability to objectively analyze their situation and possible dependency.

How Do Des Moines Residents Defeat Chemical Dependence?

Chemical dependence cannot be defeated without help, as the chemicals in drugs and alcohol compromise the brain. Additionally chemical dependence may be the result of trauma or underlying mental health issues. Addressing both addiction or chemical dependence and a mental health issue requires integrated treatment. The psychological elements of dependence cannot be defeated treating the chemical or behavioral aspects of a Des Moines resident’s problem, and treating only the psychological components of dependence will not end chemical and behavioral dependence.

Chemical Dependence Treatment for Des Moines Residents

The challenges you are facing can seem insurmountable, and, if you are alone, they may be. But you do not have to attempt to attain sobriety and freedom on your own. Integrated treatment is available, and you can get the help required for lasting healing. Use the resources available to you, get the support that is waiting for you and gain the life that you want. Please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to begin the process of recovery. We are ready to answer your initial questions and to guide you towards treatment that will help.