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Causes of Drug Addiction

Causes of Drug AddictionWhile the effects of addiction are well known and obvious, the causes often remain mysterious to both addicts and those who love them. It is useful to understand the behaviors and risk factors that can lead to addiction; Des Moines addicts and loved ones trying to help can both benefit from pinpointing the cause of an addiction.

How Regular Substance Abuse Leads to Addiction in Des Moines

Many Des Moines residents understand the risk of addiction associated with drugs like heroin or cocaine, but other substances like alcohol can become physically and psychologically addictive when used on a regular basis. While the specifics vary from person to person, anything more than two drinks per day for men or one drink per day for women is considered risky. A person drinking three beers a day – even if he or she never feels intoxicated – may develop a dependency on alcohol. Any intoxicating substance, when taken or used regularly, can lead to addiction.

Binge Drinking and Addiction in Des Moines

Excessive drinking or drug use greatly increases the chances of becoming addicted. Binge drinking or drug abuse that causes drastic impairment causes chemical changes in the brain. What starts as a way to have a good time quickly becomes an unparalleled nightmare. Depending on the intensity and frequency of abuse, Des Moines residents may develop an addiction that will leave them requiring the drug just to feel normal.

Des Moines Addiction and Stress

One of the most tragic roads to addiction involve those dealing with social anxiety, loneliness, fear or a need to fit in to a community. Many Des Moines residents that struggle with these issues turn to drugs or alcohol to avoid the associated pain. This kind of avoidance or coping method is especially destructive, because it ends up making the user’s life even more burdensome and difficult than it already was. Many addicts, who later learned that they had been self-medicating a psychological disorder, say that they felt immediate relief from their anxiety or other issues the first time they got high.

Biological Predisposition to Addiction

Some Des Moines residents seem born with a biological predisposition to addiction. Their brains are more sensitive than others to the impact of drugs and alcohol. They may never exhibit addiction symptoms until the first time they drink alcohol or experiment with drugs. Anyone with a family history of substance abuse or addiction should be especially careful about using addictive drugs and should share her entire family history with her physician, psychiatrist and psychologist before taking any medications.

How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Regardless of how ay Des Moines resident becomes addicted, his future depends on him getting and staying clean. Because of the psychological and physical effects of addiction the likelihood of long-term recovery is quite low unless users seek help. The most effective programs use a wide array of therapies to break the cycle of addiction. Some of these approaches include the following:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Empowering education about the causes and nature of addiction
  • 12-step programs
  • Support group meetings
  • Individual counseling time
  • Introduction to new and healthy habits
  • Acupuncture, message, meditation and yoga
  • Spiritual care

Des Moines Residents Can End Drug Addiction

If you live in Des Moines and are struggling with addiction we can help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline any time. We can answer all of your questions and help you find the best treatment for your unique needs. Whether you call for yourself or a friend, just do it. The healing can begin today. Don’t spend one more day caught in the deadly cycle of addiction. Call today. We’re ready if you are.