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Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?

Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?Des Moines residents may be afraid to ask for help overcoming drug abuse or addiction. They may be intimidated by recovery professionals, ashamed to admit to a problem or worried about the price of rehab. They may think recovering at home can be just as effective as recovering with professional help. Whatever the reason for not seeking professional help, the chances are slim that an individual will successfully recover from drug abuse or addiction on his or her own.

Why Can’t Des Moines Residents Recover from Addiction Alone?

You may be able to come up with many reasons or excuses to avoid professional addiction recovery treatment, but there are even more reasons to seek the help of others to find lasting wellness. Attempting recovery on your own can be dangerous and is rarely successful. Detox is a painful process, and medical professionals make detox more comfortable. Attempting detoxification and recovery on your own greatly increases your risk of relapse. Relapse is harmful physically and leads to feelings of discouragement or failure. If you are trying to recover from drug use and you relapse, you may feel hopeless or helpless against your disease. A negative recovery attempt can lead to more reasons to continue harmful drug use in Des Moines.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centers for Des Moines Residents

Quality rehab centers are a source of some of the best treatment for drug abuse or addiction. Rehab centers offer professional medical support around the clock to help you through detox. They make sure that your recovery stays safe, but they do not only treat the medical and physical side of your addiction. Drug rehab professionals treat the psychological and emotional side of drug use. They provide therapy and counseling sessions to help you learn about yourself and your addiction, and this knowledge gives you the power to fight temptations and remain drug-free in Des Moines.

Des Moines Residents Can Quit Drugs

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug abuse or addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to provide information about the best treatment options for you. We can even verify insurance benefits for your recovery program of choice. You don’t have to struggle alone; call now.