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Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment ServicesAcross Des Moines, Iowa, individuals have been touched by the state’s drug problem – either by firsthand experience with substance abuse or by witnessing the power of drug addiction over loved ones. The State of Iowa itself has battled the drug epidemic within its state borders, with prescription medication abuse becoming the fastest growing drug problem within its borders. In fact, according to the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement, pharmaceutical drug abuse cases grew by nearly 250 percent from 2008 to 2009 alone, with an increase of more than four times in the amount of pharmaceutical drug seizures during that time period.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Des Moines, Iowa Addicts

Des Moines, Iowa addicts seeking addiction treatment find themselves battling addiction to a wide array of drugs, as well. While alcohol addiction remained the primary cause for admission into addiction treatment programs in 2009, drug addiction treatment admissions within the state continued to climb. In fact, the Iowa Department of Public Health cited nearly a quarter of treatment program admissions stemming from marijuana dependency. In addition, methamphetamine addiction accounted for eight percent of those seeking treatment within the State of Iowa. In fact, even over-the-counter drugs have become a factor in drug addiction within Iowa, causing the state to launch the first awareness campaigns around the issue in 2009.

Finding Drug Addiction Treatment for Des Moines, Iowa Residents

For those experiencing addiction to pharmaceutical or street drugs in Des Moines, finding additction treatment within the state can pose several issues. For many, finding an inpatient drug addiction treatment center away from home can represent an important step in breaking old lifestyle patterns and drug-fueled relationships. For many, the level of care necessary in the drug detoxification and psychological counseling components of drug addiction treatment may necessitate programs that simply are not available – or do not have current enrollment openings – within the Des Moines metropolitan region itself.

If you or someone you care for wrestles with drug addiction, we welcome you to call our addiction specialists, free of charge, any time of day or night. With intimate knowledge of world-class drug treatment programs throughout the country, our counselors can answer your questions about drug addiction rehab programs, the drug detoxification process, rehabilitation financing and the drug addiction recovery process. Our addiction professionals welcome your call and can help align you with inpatient drug treatment resources all across the country that are best suited to your situation and the drug addiction you face.