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Will Moving Help Me End My Alcohol Addiction?

Will Moving Help Me End My Alcohol Addiction?An old adage states that wherever you go, there you are, and these words may have never been truer than when it comes to alcohol addiction recovery. Many people believe that their workplace, friends, neighborhood and family members cause them to drink too much, so a fresh start in a new town can empower them to control alcohol abuse. However, even if an environment and relationships contribute to alcoholism, the disease will perpetuate, even in a new location if someone does not address the emotional and physical aspects of her unique addiction.

Psychological Power of Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction profoundly impacts the same part of the brain that drives the following psychological functions:

  • The formation and recollection of memories
  • Impulse control and delayed gratification tolerance
  • Emotional functions (happiness, sadness, optimism, depression and etc.)
  • Stress tolerance

Most alcoholics suffer from at least one co-occurring psychological issue that drives addiction. Alcohol relieves emotional pain for a short time, but the brain craves this relief in ways that are far more influential than rational thought is. Once the disease takes root, the brain will use every psychological tool it has to keep the relief coming, that is to keep someone drinking.

One of the most powerful aspects of addiction is the brain’s ability to shift blame, justify addictive behavior and minimize the seriousness of the condition. Addicts can live in denial as part of addiction, so believing that moving to a new city will allow the addict to stop drinking is a way for the addict to delay getting clean.

Help for Recovering Alcoholics

The alcoholic brain is excellent at blocking recovery with any of the following excuses:

  • This isn’t a good time, I’ll quit drinking next month
  • I can stop whenever I want, I just don’t want to right now
  • My friends are much worse-off in their drinking than I am
  • I might drink too much, but I’m getting the important stuff done
  • If it wasn’t for my friends (or my finances, neighborhood or family) I could quit drinking today

The fact that you are researching aspects of addiction recovery is a critical sign that you need help, and that you are ready to stop this disease. Don’t let denial or excuses keep you from taking your first critical steps toward recovery. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now for free, confidential answers to all of your questions about alcoholism and recovery. Our admissions coordinators are ready to connect you with the best rehab program for your specific needs.

You may eventually decide that moving to a new town is important for your continued sobriety, but until you find deep healing, you will simply carry your disease with you into every new job, relationship or city. End the cycle today; call now and let us help you start a new future.