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What to Do When Drug Abuse Makes You a Shadow of Yourself

What to Do When Drug Abuse Makes You a Shadow of Yourself

From talking to a counselor to rehab facility, there are many opportunities to get sober

Countless books, websites and testimonials illustrate how drug abuse and addiction affect people. Generally people hear about the health problems and legal consequences of drug use, which should be enough to discourage the habit, but drugs go far beyond damaging one’s health, finances or time in jail. Addiction is a dark disease that will eventually get ahold of everything in a user’s life. Addiction literally changes the brain, so it causes users to think, feel and behave differently than they would. It does not make sense for Des Moines residents to throw away their health, finances, families, relationships or wellbeing for a quick high, but it happens time and time again.

To an addict, the need to use drugs is pressing. It is the number one priority that determines what a user does, when and etc. Being under the influence of drugs will also impact how an addict thinks, feels and behaves. In no way, shape or form is an addict in control of her behavior, which is why she may be able to justify blowing her savings account on drugs, because she thought she needed them that badly. If a Des Moines user thinks she needs drugs, she may leave work early to meet with a dealer, work under the influence, mix different drugs and alcohol together or etc.

The way an addict thinks and acts seems nonsensical to others. For an Des Moines addict’s friends, family and other acquaintances, noticing the early signs of drug abuse can prevent the him from destroying his life with horrible, irreparable decisions. An addict does not have to hit rock-bottom before realizing he needs help. Many addicts will not recognize or acknowledge a problem with drugs until it is too late, until he has ruined his life.

Sometimes it just hits an addict that she needs help. She wakes up and realizes that addiction has made her a shadow of who she used to be. She has damaged relationships, been an absent parent, lost her passion for life, given up on interests and became a completely different person. Accepting this reality is a tough pill to swallow, but, in doing so, people can be motivated to take action.

Addiction is an aggressive disease, so it will only continue to demolish everything in its path if people avoid help. It is never too soon to seek rehab, and the earlier someone seeks treatment, the better the chances are for recovery. Many options help people end drug abuse and addiction, so it will help to know what step to take next. Recovery may start as simply as talking to a doctor, addiction counselor, recovery professional or helpline operator. These professionals can determine the appropriate level of treatment users need, depending on how severe drug abuse or addiction has become. From talking to a counselor, to entering a rehab facility, countless opportunities help people get sober and regain control over their lives.

You Acknowledged Your Drug Problem, But Now What?

If you have come to terms with your drug abuse, then you are one step closer to finding recovery. Chances are you have questions and need information on what to do next, and our admissions coordinators can help. Our toll-free, 24 hour helpline staffs admissions coordinators who can address all of your concerns; they are happy to connect Des Moines residents with the treatment programs that are right for their needs. Plenty of people can help you if you call.