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What to Do If Your Friends Do Not Support Your Recovery

What to Do If Your Friends Do Not Support Your RecoveryRecovery from drug abuse can be a difficult journey and your success can depend on the level of support surrounding you. Many Des Moines addicts will form friendships that are tied to addiction. People tend to spend time with those who have common interests; for addicts this is often others who abuse drugs. Together you have likely spent time acquiring the drug, getting high, and dealing with its aftermath. There can be a variety of reasons that these friends might not support your recovery, and maintaining a non-supportive friendship can make your already difficult journey even more difficult. During recovery, it is necessary to surround yourself with encouraging, supportive relationships to give yourself the best possible chance at a successful recovery.

Where Can Des Moines Residents Find Support for Addiction Recovery?

The first step in getting clean is reaching out for help. Probably the best way to get adequate help is to enroll in a qualified drug rehab facility. There you can not only overcome the physical aspect of your addiction through detox, but you can also uncover what sorts of underlying issues might be contributing to your addiction. During this last step, you will learn strategies for coping with life’s problems in a healthy way. In rehab Des Moines addicts will be surrounded by professionals such as counselors and therapists who will encourage and walk with patients through the process of getting clean. You can also attend a support group such as a 12-step program. There you can form relationships with people who genuinely understand your circumstances and share your goal of clean living. Des Moines addicts can gain valuable insight as well as encouragement throughout rehab.

Can Des Moines Residents Keep Old Friends after Addiction Rehabilitation?

In order for you to recover from drug addiction, it will require you to make many changes in your life. Especially in the early stages of your recovery, it is crucial that you are in an environment that is conducive to your recovery. Any person, place, or situation in which you have used drugs can serve as a trigger and cause you to relapse, so you may need to cut off association with discouraging friends at least for a period of time. Recovery is an opportunity to change your life for the better, so use this time to make new, healthy relationships with other Des Moines residents who are going to encourage your sobriety. It is vital to your long-term success to develop a large support system of people that are willing to help in moments when you are weak or vulnerable. Des Moines addicts can quit, but they will need help.

Addiction Recovery Support for Des Moines Residents

Do you live in Des Moines and need help getting clean? Please call and talk with one of our trained counselors. We can answer your questions and connect you with the support and resources you need. Please call our toll-free 24 hour helpline now.