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What Is Community Reinforcement?

What Is Community Reinforcement?The community-reinforcement approach (CRA) to addiction recovery is a method of treating alcoholism and other drug addiction problems through the participation of family, friends and other significant people in the addict’s life. According to the National Institutes of Health CRA is among the most effective approaches to addiction recovery, but few treatment programs understand or employ it. Some Des Moines addicts may benefit from this type of addiction recovery.

How Community Reinforcement Can Help Des Moines Addicts

With the goal of helping Des Moines addicts develop an incentive to get sober and to stay sober, CRA has the following two main goals:

  • Ending positive reinforcement for substance abuse
  • Increasing positive reinforcement for sobriety

These goals are accomplished through specially organized therapeutic counseling sessions that involve the addict and his or her closest loved ones. One of the most important ethics of CRA is that addiction is not an individual problem but a communal one. Everyone in the addict’s life has a part to play in the recovery process.

Specially trained CRA therapists employ a wide range of counseling techniques designed to reinforce these two aforementioned goals by helping the addict focus on the following changes:

  • Building Motivation: The therapist helps the addict perform an inventory of the effects addiction is causing in his or her life and assists in the formation of personal motivation to change
  • Initiating Sobriety: Clients are encouraged to try sobriety for a certain amount of time in order to identify its benefits and costs
  • Analyzing Drinking Patterns: The therapist helps the client carefully and thoroughly consider the situations that initiate substance abuse behavior and the various positive reinforcements that encourage it
  • Increasing Positive Reinforcement of Sobriety: The therapist and the client together choose various treatment modules from a menu of options that are designed to increase positive and enjoyable experiences that reinforce sobriety
  • Coping Skill Rehearsal: The therapist assists the client in verbally and physically walking through various skills designed to help him or her resist the temptation to use substances
  • Involving Significant Others: As one of the key underlying principles of CRA is that addiction is a community problem, friends and loved ones are counseled in ways that help them encourage sobriety and help them avoid positively reinforcing harmful behavior (enabling)

Therapist style is critical to the success of CRA treatment. These therapists are trained to administer this counseling in a consistently positive, engaging and upbeat way. The intensity of initial treatment is also important. Counseling often takes place on a daily basis at first in order to jump-start the process. Every victory is positively rewarded by the therapists and the addict’s community support network.

Community Reinforcement Approach for Des Moines Addicts

Over the last 25 years numerous scientific studies have confirmed the overall efficacy of CRA. This innovative and vigorous treatment may be the key to your lasting sobriety or the recovery of your addicted loved one in Des Moines. For more information call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night for answers to your questions and access to the most effective CRA therapists and programs. This technique can be integrated into other treatment programs and combined with a wide range of counseling styles.

Don’t let addiction continue to destroy your happiness, your health, your relationships or your life. Call now. We’re ready to help.