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Unexpected Risks of Getting Drunk at Special Events

Getting Drunk at Special Events

Getting Drunk at Special Events

Many people believe that alcohol enhances the experience of a sporting event or concert. Alcohol enables relaxation and loss of inhibitions, which leads people to believe that it can help them make the most of a once in a lifetime experience. The majority of people are aware of the major risks of using alcohol irresponsibly, and make an effort to avoid drunk driving, overdose or situations in which they are vulnerable. But there are other risks of consuming alcohol that some Des Moines residents fail to consider when drinking at a special event.

What Are Other Risks of Getting Intoxicated in Public in Des Moines?

While taking measures to protect themselves from the dangerous consequences of getting drunk, some Des Moines residents neglect to consider the less typical or less dangerous consequences, which include the following:

  • Drunk calls or social media posts – It is fun to document an event—to take pictures, write posts and call friends to include them in the experience. Unfortunately, the same conveniences that allow people to share these moments also give drunk attendees the opportunity to create embarrassing, incriminating or inappropriate posts on social media that could have a number of negative social consequences.
  • Forgetting the experience – Sporting events and concerts usually cost quite a bit of money. They are even more expensive for people who choose to drink. Getting drunk can completely detract from the experience. Spending hundreds of dollars to attend an event you do not even remember can be frustrating and disappointing.
  • Getting thrown out or arrested – Special events often have strict rules and security guards enforcing those rules and keeping everyone safe. Raucous behavior at a special event can cause you to get thrown out and miss the event or even face legal fines, jail time or probation from attending future events.
  • Getting lost – Amid enormous crowds and excitement, it is easy for an intoxicated individual to get confused and separated from friends or family, which can lead to missing rides and dangerous situations.
  • STDs or unwanted consequences of unplanned sexual encounters – The emotional high of an exciting event combined with the loss of inhibitions results in many unplanned sexual encounters with strangers, which can lead to STDs, unwanted pregnancies and the risk of sexual assault.
  • Sexual assault, physical assault and robbery – Drunk people in the middle of a crowd are easy targets for malicious crimes, or may commit crimes they would not normally even think of because their judgment is impaired by alcohol.

In spite of what many people believe, getting drunk at a social event may actually cause you to have a worse time and to face unwanted consequences as a result of your drinking.

Help for Des Moines Residents Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

If you or a loved one in Des Moines is addicted to alcohol, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about your professional treatment options. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Please call today.