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The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

Gambling can ruin your finances and personal relationships

Gambling addiction is a serious concern that affects many people worldwide. Those who gamble may participate in the lottery, card games, sports betting or any number of casino games. While gambling can seem like a harmless activity, there are actually many risks involved. Gambling addiction and binges can lead to both personal and professional consequences, so Des Moines residents seek professional help to control your gambling habit.

Personal Risks of Gambling

The personal risks of gambling are vast, including financial ruin and damaged social relationships. Perhaps the most direct consequence of a gambling binge is financial ruin. A Des Moines gambler may spend large amounts of money on a bet or at a casino with hopes of receiving an adequate payoff. If the gambler initially wins the bet, it can create a chemical rush that encourages her to gamble further. The gambler may continue gambling, only to lose what she initially won. Financial ruin may also result when the initial bet is lost. The gambler may then think she must gamble further to recover the lost finances. Eventually, gambling addicts can lose all of their money and have no more to spend.

Damaged social and family relationships are often secondary consequences of gambling binges. Gamblers often neglect their responsibilities when they become overwhelmed with the desire to gamble. They may cancel plans with their friends and family to go to a casino or gamble online.  Des Moines family members and friends may feel unappreciated or abandoned by the gambling addict, so they may distance themselves as a result. Damaged personal relationships can also occur if a gambler borrows or steals money from friends or family prior to a gambling binge. The gambler may believe that he will make enough money from gambling to pay it back, but ultimately cannot. These loved ones may lose trust in the gambler, or they may feel betrayed by his actions.

Professional Risks of Gambling

It is easy to convince yourself that gambling is only a hobby that is separate from your professional life. However, gambling addiction and binges can easily become professional problems, as addicts often find that they crave gambling throughout the work day. This can cause distractions that interfere with workplace performance and safety. The concern is even greater when an addict has a gambling binge at the workplace, or if she skips work for a binge.

Gambling can be done over the internet through online casinos and sports betting. Because of this, it is easy for Des Moines residents with desk jobs to spend time on these sites during work hours. This is not only a financial risk, but also a professional one, as gambling in the workplace is linked with inappropriate use of paid time and theft. For this reason, many companies have policies against workplace gambling, and there may be several consequences if someone is caught gambling at work. The gambler may even face job termination. The same consequences can result when a gambling addict calls in sick for work to binge on gambling.

Get Help for Des Moines Gambling Addicts

Gambling addiction and binges can lead to both personal and professional consequences. Therefore, if you or a Des Moines loved one suffers from a gambling addiction, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about treatment for gambling addiction.