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The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationFamily mediation is a method of resolving family conflicts using a neutral mediator. Mediators do not help family members make decisions, but they assist with conflict resolution by discussing possible outcomes that both sides will accept. Family mediation can be an alternative to hiring lawyers or pursuing legal action, and it can also be an option for conflicts that the law does not cover such as addiction intervention. Using a family mediator can be faster and less stressful than a lawsuit for Des Moines families.

How Does Family Mediation Work?

A family mediator discusses the conflict and finds common interests between family members in Des Moines. A mediator shows respect to everyone involved and does not choose sides. Mediation gives everyone involved an equal say in a conflict and can help reduce stress during the process. If there is a power imbalance among family members, a neutral mediator being present can make all parties feel more comfortable.

Issues related to property or childcare during divorce proceedings can be solved through mediation. Children of parents going through a divorce may experience less stress and anxiety when conflicts are decided through mediation rather than through the court. Mediation can also help individuals avoid disputes in the future. Couples going through mediation rather than court proceedings during a divorce may find it easier to agree on common goals for children, thus reducing the chance of future arguments.

Couples that are not legally married can also benefit from family mediation, and some parents and teens can benefit as well. A mediator focuses on a disagreement as a breakdown in communication. Mediation can help families to avoid blame being placed on a parent or child during tense conflicts.

If individuals who attend mediation wish to have legal recognition of the decisions that are reached, a judge can make the agreement a court order.

When Is Family Mediation Beneficial?

Mediation encourages careful and thoughtful decision-making, especially in the early stages of a disagreement. Hiring a mediator can prevent individuals from growing resentful or becoming more angry over time, and an agreement can be reached that all parties are happy with.

Family mediation can help dysfunctional families reach peaceful resolutions to conflicts. An agreement can be reached without the use of expensive lawyers and drawn-out legal processes. When family mediation is used for conflicts among family members or spouses, it can reduce stress and anxiety for other family members. Stress due to family conflict can be a cause of drug abuse, and resolving family conflict through mediation can reduce the chance of drug abuse, depression and anxiety among family members.

Find a Family Mediator or Interventionist

If you are struggling with family conflicts or drug addiction in Des Moines, a family mediator can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak to one of our counselors about family mediation and addiction treatment.