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Teen Rehab Help Information

Teen Rehab Help InformationAdolescent substance abuse has long since been an issue for Iowans, with national studies routinely showing prevalence of teenage substance use among Iowa teens. While binge drinking and alcohol dependency experience the highest incidence rates of substance abuse among Iowa adolescents, illicit drug use has also become a problem among Iowa teens.

Teen Rehab Help for Alcoholism in Iowa

Iowa alone has experienced a binge-drinking epidemic among teenagers. In fact, according to the 2006 National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), one in four high school juniors had engaged in binge drinking within the last month – constituted by four to five drinks in a single sitting. In fact, even middle school students in the State of Iowa demonstrated a binge-drinking  problem, with one in 10 eighth graders imbibing at binge-drinking levels within the prior 30 days.

Teen Rehab Help for Drug Addiction in Iowa

Across Iowa, more than six percent of teenagers admitted to using illegal drugs within the last month alone. As drug use among Iowa teenagers has come to light, methamphetamine production within the state has led Iowa to enact the strictest laws on pseudoephedrine control to mitigate the over-the-counter drug’s use in meth production. In fact, within the State of Iowa, roughly 17 new meth labs are uncovered each month. The use of amphetamine-derived drugs among teenagers – both for recreational use and “academic doping” to enhance scholastic performance – has also created problems for the state, with nearly six percent of teenage drug treatment admissions involving meth. In fact, more than 2,000 adolescents each year are treated within Iowa for methamphetamine use alone.

Teen Rehab Help for Des Moines, Iowa Residents

For parents, teachers and loved ones who have noticed the signs of alcoholism or drug abuse in Des Moines teenagers, taking the first steps towards obtaining help can help simplify the treatment process. Options abound for Iowa teenagers to receive drug and alcohol treatment, ranging from teen addiction treatment facilities to outpatient care or dedicated inpatient treatment programs throughout the country. Addicted adolescents over the age of 18 may find more alcohol and drug addiction treatment options available to them, depending on the regulations of available treatment programs.

Our addiction treatment specialists welcome you to contact them, at any time of the day or night, with your inquiries regarding obtaining teen rehab help. With an intensive understanding of the drug and alcohol treatment facilities available, our confidential counselors can help answer your questions about teen interventions, insurance coverage, the alcohol or drug detoxification process and residential treatment options throughout the country. We invite you to call and speak with an addiction counselor in order to take the first steps towards obtaining rehab help for your teenager.