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Des Moines Drug Rehab Resources

Des Moines Drug Rehab ResourcesDespite its reputation as one of the nation’s most traditional cities, Des Moines, Iowa has encountered more than its share of drug addiction problems within recent years. With drug trafficking leading to illicit drug movement from along Iowa’s southwest border and I-35, the City of Des Moines has encountered difficulties with marijuana and methamphetamines primarily – though cocaine also has remained one of the most widely used drugs of choice. According to the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP), methamphetamine lab seizures and explosions have increased by 50 percent since 2007 alone.

Drug Addiction in Des Moines and Iowa

In fact, the Iowa Department of Public Health has found that marijuana has been abused by nearly 60 percent of teenagers in drug treatment facilities. Narcotics abuse also has risen in Des Moines, Iowa, with prescription opiate addiction combining with over-the-counter medication abuse to create a pharmaceutical drug problem for the state on a whole. In particular, emergency calls to the Iowa Poison Control Center involving codeine-derivatives such as oxycodone (Percocet) and hydrocodone (Vicodin) have climbed by more than 2,000 percent since 2002 alone.

Drug Rehab Resources for Des Moines, Iowa Addicts

For those struggling against drug addiction in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area, several avenues exist for drug rehabilitation.

  • National Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers
    Inpatient drug addiction treatment has been shown more successful than outpatient options for addicted individuals. Many in the Des Moines, Iowa area seek inpatient drug addiction treatment out of state – largely to remove the addicted individual from local drug use triggers, associates with known drug problems and life stressors that may contribute to drug addiction. Inpatient drug rehab centers exist across the country, with some of the nation’s most reputable inpatient drug treatment programs in the United States’ metropolitan cities.
  • Drug Offender Diversion Programs
    Across Des Moines County, the need for drug rehab services has even reached the attention of local government. Alternative approaches to drug-related offenses have given way to Des Moines, Iowa’s progressive drug diversion program and addiction treatment centers, allowing first-time drug users to attend addiction treatment programs as an alternative to jail time. Those arrested for drug possession or intoxication can choose to participate in addiction education and drug counseling services, and submit to randomized drug tests in lieu of punitive sentencing.
  • Drug Detoxification Services
    Before the psychological work necessary to end drug addiction can be accomplished, the addicted individual needs to first move through physical withdrawal and allow the body to purge itself of drugs. While most inpatient facilities offer on-site detoxification services, some rehab centers require detoxification prior to enrollment. Drug detoxification facilities can medically supervise the withdrawal process, guarding against serious complications, managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and ensuring that drug-addicted individuals do not return to use during the detoxification process.