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Recovery Challenges Facing Single Mothers

Recovery Challenges Facing Single MothersSingle mothers in Des Moines who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are in a uniquely challenging position when it comes to seeking treatment. As their children’s sole caregiver and financial provider, they may not feel they have the time, money, or support to overcome addiction. Furthermore, they may be ashamed of their addiction and avoid seeking treatment for fear of social stigma or that their children may be taken away from them in the process of admitting to addiction.

Social Stigmas for Single Mothers Struggling with Addiction in Des Moines

One of the greatest fears that an addicted single mother has is losing her children. Because of this fear, she may avoid seeking addiction treatment. There are many stigmas associated with addiction. Regardless of how much awareness has increased about addiction being a disease, many people still feel that it is a sign of weakness or neglect, which may be another reason why addicted single mothers do not seek treatment.

Another stigma surrounding addiction is that all addicts are weak or engaging in criminal activity. However, people from every walk of life are vulnerable to addiction. For example, a single mother in Des Moines may have been prescribed an antidepressant for post-partum depression and unintentionally become dependent on the medication. Although she began using the drug as prescribed, once addicted, she now has a stigma of being weak, ineffective as a parent, and a person with a drug abuse problem.

Financial Concerns of Addicted Single Mothers in Des Moines

Even if a Des Moines single mother has a good job, with good benefits, and a good maternity leave program, she may be the sole provider of financial support for herself and her children. If a single mother believes that she has a substance abuse problem, the idea of getting time off from work and spending so much money on addiction treatment provides a great deal of anxiety and may cause the woman to try resolve things on her own without having to sacrifice her hard-earned money.

Addiction Recovery Options for Single Mothers

Two addiction recovery programs that offer flexibility for single mothers are outpatient treatment and 12-step group support meetings. Outpatient treatment often offers the same services that a residential treatment program does, but provides these services on a more flexible schedule that allows a mother to get treatment and still take care of her children. 12-Step support groups provide ongoing help for recovering addicts and may be very beneficial for single mothers in Des Moines struggling with drug addiction.

Addiction Help for Single Mothers

A single mother’s primary concern is her children; she wants to keep them safe, provide them with food, shelter, and clothing, and make sure that they have a good education. The needs of her children always come before her own needs. However, when it comes to get addiction treatment services, a mother has to turn her focus towards herself and get the treatment that she needs. We understand and want to help, so please call our toll-free number, 24 hours a day to learn more about treatment options and ways for you to meet your addiction recovery needs while taking care of your children.