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PTSD and Addiction

PTSD and AddictionPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating condition that develops after someone experiences a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, acts of violence or a death of a loved one. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can be crippling. It can cause you to act differently from your normal personality, which may make Des Moines residents more likely to become addicted to drugs. PTSD may drive people to abuse drugs to relieve their PTSD symptoms, and drug or alcohol abuse can quickly spiral out of control to create addiction.

How Does PTSD Cause Addiction?

PTSD symptoms can be extremely severe and can cause Des Moines residents to go to extremes to find relief. PTSD symptoms include reliving the traumatic event, avoiding people and experiencing isolation, and arousal/hypersensitivity. These symptoms can be treated with medication, but to resolve these issues Des Moines patients must seek treatment. PTSD can lead to addiction if you abuse drugs or alcohol to relieve symptoms. If you depend on substances to deal with PTSD, you will find yourself addicted in no time, and your life will become much more difficult.

Treating Both Addiction and PTSD

Treating your PTSD will help, but it will not improve your addiction. If a Des Moines resident struggles with both addiction and PTSD at the same time, the only way to attack both problems is to get treatment for both simultaneously. You can get treatment for issues by attending Dual Diagnosis treatment, which is the only form of treatment that focuses on mental disorders and addiction at the same time. This unique treatment method works by teaching users about the connections between both problems and then teaching them how to control their symptoms.

Des Moines Addiction and PTSD Help

If you live in Des Moines and suffer from PTSD and addiction, give our toll-free helpline a call today. If you call us you can find out more information about Dual Diagnosis treatment and the other types of addiction treatment available to help you. We are here for you 24 hours a day and will let you know if your health insurance can help pay the cost of addiction treatment. We want to answer any questions you have about PTSD and addiction, so call now. Get help today and don’t hesitate to find help.