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Preparing Your Home for Life after Rehab

Preparing Your Home for Life after RehabThe first steps to addiction recovery can be quite challenging. Des Moines drug addicts in the first stages of recovery must face detox and withdrawal, and then work to recognize, understand and address the roots of drug use. Also, they must learn new behaviors and methods of coping with stress, and then practice implementing these lessons.

However, for Des Moines patients who begin recovery in rehab, these challenging steps are taken in a secure and supportive environment. Often the most challenging phases of recovery in this regard involves leaving rehab and reentering the world with all of its stress and temptations to use drugs. After all, it was these pressures that led to addiction in the first place, and these same problems can also threaten recovery. Making your home a drug-free sanctuary can be tremendously valuable for maintaining sobriety.

Creating a Drug-Free Home in Des Moines

Recovering addicts should not be tempted to relapse simply by being at home. Remove and dispose of all remaining drugs and drug paraphernalia, even seemingly innocuous things that remind you of using. Neon beer signs, posters advertising alcohol, clothing with alcohol logos and even jewelry such as pot leaf earrings can tempt relapse. Furthermore, Des Moines residents should be honest with their friends who still use drugs or alcohol. Remember that recovery comes first, and any true friend will support your decision to stop using. If you choose to associate further with friends who still use drugs, make sure they know that you do not allow drugs or drug use in your home. If they visit, then they must respect your sobriety. If certain friends threaten your recovery, you may need to break the relationship.

Boredom can be a powerful relapse trigger. However, you must accept the fact that you will probably be spending a lot of time at home, especially if going out is what got you into trouble. Suggestions for making your home a supportive environment include but are not limited to the following ideas:

  • Make your home a place that you look forward to being, not a place you dread
  • Make your home comfortable, clean and pleasant
  • Find activities or hobbies that you enjoy and can engage in while at home
  • If possible, invite over clean friends or family members for a barbecue, games or movie night

Friends and family members of Des Moines drug addicts can do much to support recovery. The most important thing is to maintain contact with recovering users. Remember that the recovering addict is going through a challenging time and can use all the support you can give. Visit her regularly, spend time socializing and help her see that you can have fun and enjoy life without drugs.

Des Moines Addiction Help

If you live in Des Moines and would like help finding treatment for addiction or protecting your home from relapse, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now for immediate support.