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Overcoming Recovery Plateaus

Overcoming Recovery PlateausDes Moines residents may be most familiar with plateaus in terms of physical exercise. Someone who tries to build muscle or lose weight will see progress for several weeks, but then hit a plateau, which means all of her work suddenly seems to produce no results. The key to moving beyond such a plateau is to persevere, so people must adjust their efforts to their struggles. This is particularly true for recovering drug addicts, because recovery plateaus may not only lead to stagnancy, but also relapse if addicts do not get well.

What Is a Recovery Plateau?

When learning to abstain from an addiction, recovering addicts will experience a wide range of emotions. Des Moines residents may feel elated as they pass large milestones of sobriety, but they may despair at relapse; they may feel encouraged when they talk to other recovering addicts, but hopeless when they feel cravings while alone. All of these emotions are normal in recovery, and many recovering addicts have overcome these problems. However, the frightening part of these plateaus is when the patients begin to feel apathetic.

Des Moines drug addicts may not feel apathy due to cravings, but rather because they feel no interest in doing the regular recovery maintenance. They may wonder if the recovery process will ever end, or if it will not work for them. These thoughts tempt users to quit, because they will assume they have gone as far as possible, and will never recover. If an addict experiences these problems outside of rehab, no external factors are in place to motivate the addict, so all of his efforts may fall to the wayside to threaten not only relapse, but also another addiction.

How to Deal with a Recovery Plateau

If a recovering addict feels like he is running out of steam, he must talk to someone to stay focused on recovery. If he does not, he may abandon the process and be in danger of severe relapse. The possibility of experiencing a plateau is one reason that people need a strong community, even after they complete a stint in rehab and return to everyday life. With professional help, Des Moines drug addicts will always have support to overcome plateaus, even if they unwisely stay silent.

Des Moines Addiction Help

If you or a Des Moines loved one hits a recovery plateau and needs help to proceed, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. Our counselors have experience helping people overcome recovery plateaus, and they are ready to help you. Give us a call today for professional support with this threatening issue.