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Making a Life in Recovery Your New Normal

Making a Life in Recovery Your New Normal

Integrating recovery into a sober lifestyle is difficult, but well worth the effort

While in rehab, recovering addicts learn many ways to avoid relapse after treatment ends, but, despite the progress and accomplishments they make. However, because hardships and temptation are expected in the real world, Des Moines drug addicts must learn to integrate the tools and techniques of recovery into everyday situations if they want to avoid relapse. With help, you can maintain sobriety.

How to Start a Life in Recovery

Starting a new life, even when it is required for sobriety, can present new challenges on a daily basis. Des Moines residents who are recovering from drug addiction can heed the following examples to start a new life after addiction treatment ends:

  • Rebuild
  • Set goals
  • New lifestyle

Integrating recovery into a sober lifestyle is difficult, but well worth the effort. Learn to rebuild your life without falling back into old habits of drug abuse, which means you may need to reach out for help to get back on your feet. Furthermore, set new goals, reach out to non-drug using friends and family and start enjoying activities that have nothing to do with drugs. By accomplishing these goals, Des Moines residents can build their confidence, which helps them refuse drug abuse when they feel tempted to relapse. Ultimately, it takes a completely new lifestyle and frequent adjustments to balance your life.

Difficulties of Addiction Recovery

Difficulties are a normal aspect of sobriety; some are easy to overcome, while others are terrible. The following difficulties may crop up during a Des Moines resident’s addiction recovery:

  • Temptation
  • Environment
  • Social circle

Adapting to a new lifestyle can be a difficult task on its own, but, when temptation is added to the mix, then it may seem impossible to integrate lessons from treatment into real-life scenarios. Furthermore, although treatment and recovery prepare Des Moines residents for outside influences, it cannot teach people to control their environments, so some situations may trigger cravings regardless of the work people do during rehab. However, you can remove yourself from an undesirable environment to promote sobriety. Lastly, a change in one’s social circle can be overwhelming and difficult to manage, but sobriety alters every aspect of life, including which relationships are healthy.

You may need to seek new friends or avoid family embers if they tempt you to abuse drugs.

Addiction Treatment for Des Moines Residents

If you or a Des Moines loved one struggles with addiction, then call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you find the best treatment available. Seek help as soon as possible to get and stay clean.