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Is Drug Addiction more Dangerous during the Winter?

Is Drug Addiction more Dangerous during the Winter?

Drug Addiction Dangers in Winter?

Any severe weather can place Des Moines at risk for dangerous conditions. Not only do addicts place themselves at risk with their drug habits, but they also place others at risk with their actions while using, such as driving while under the influence. Harsh weather conditions can cause even the smallest simple tasks to become more complicated, but add in drug abuse and threatening problems seem imminent. Seek help to overcome addiction, but especially so during the dangerous months of winter.

Do Risks of Addiction Increase during Adverse Weather Conditions?

The more severe the weather conditions are, the higher the risks for all Des Moines residents in regards to drug abuse. For instance, the following risks of drug abuse are associated with winter weather:

  • Hazardous driving conditions
  • Frigid temperatures
  • Loss of housing

Winter roads are often difficult to navigate for even the best drivers, but adding alcohol and/or other drugs into the mix can slow a Des Moines driver’s reaction time, which makes safe driving impossible. If someone leaves the comfort of her home and/or vehicle and becomes unconscious because of drugs, they could experience frostbite or even death. An addict’s life is often consumed by her addiction, so drug abuse becomes her main priority. This could lead the addict to lose all her housing, and could lead to the addict living in her vehicle or on the streets.

Alternative Housing Ideas for the Winter

Ideally a Des Moines drug addict would prefer to reside with a loved one and/or friend during the winter while he recover from addiction, but that is sometimes impossible. If you or a loved one is an addict who needs housing arrangements during the winter, then consider the following housing ideas:

  • Treatment facilities
  • Group homes
  • Homeless shelters

Some addicts require a push in the right direction for them to accept and enter a treatment program. For some Des Moines drug users, the cold weather may make them realize they have hit rock bottom and need to quit using drugs. Group homes offer a safe drug-free environment, which not only keeps them out of the elements, but it also helps them regain control over their lives. Group homes often have rules addicts must follow to remain in the home, which makes drug use unlikely. If family and/or friends are unable to house someone, then homeless shelters are a great resource to utilize.

Addiction Treatment for Des Moines Residents

If you or a Des Moines loved one suffers from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and they help you find the best treatment available. Call us today to start living the life you deserve.