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Insurance Help for Rehab

Insurance Help for RehabWhile the price tag attached to inpatient drug rehab programs remains high, the benefits of an addiction treatment program often far outweigh the financial cost. From the vantage point of lost wages, legal fees and health care treatment, drug rehab costs pale for most Des Moines residents in comparison. In fact, studies have shown that those who successfully undergo drug rehabilitation and maintain sobriety generally experience higher earnings than their still-addicted peers.  For many Des Moines individuals, however, the costs of inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation are entirely covered – or drastically reduced – by the use of private insurance.

Obtaining Insurance Help for Rehab

The first step in obtaining insurance help for rehab is to ensure that your health insurance policy is current and paid to date, as lapses in health insurance coverage can compromise your ability to seek immediate treatment for addiction. Next, call to speak with a representative from your insurance company, to inquire about drug or alcohol treatment options and regulations. Some insurance companies will require you to first obtain a prescription or referral from a medical or mental health professional for inpatient drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation to establish its medical necessity.

Most individuals seeking insurance help for rehab will also be assigned a care coordinator by the insurance company itself – frequently, a nurse practitioner to oversee and synchronize all aspects of their particular addiction treatment cases. While the care coordinator will be the point of contact for Des Moines residents at health insurance companies throughout the recovery process, asking up-front questions about a policy’s coverage even prior to case assignment can help best position the addict for seeking expedient care. Be sure to inquire as to annual or lifetime limits on addiction treatment, particularly if you have been treated for alcoholism or drug abuse before and experienced a relapse. Also, ask about any eligibility requirements that may be enforced before you can be cleared for addiction treatment.

Additional Insurance Benefits for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Finally, Des Moines residents may want to ask their care coordinator what other services may be covered under their health insurance policy that may augment the recovery process, such as massage, sessions with a clinical therapist or alternative medicine treatments. In some cases, such coverage can be used to fund portions of residential inpatient addiction treatment, while at other times, such benefits provide ongoing care once addicted individuals have graduated from rehab and returned to their home life in Des Moines.