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How to Support a Spouse without Disrupting His or Her Addiction Recovery

How to Support a Spouse without Disrupting His or Her Addiction RecoverySpouses can help their addicted partners by providing support, which is a key factor for determining an addict’s success. If a Des Moines spouse can support addiction recovery, it will encourage healing. Many spouses feel guilty or fear losing their partner, so enable the addiction rather than fighting it. Some spouses make excuses for the addict through lying, compensating for shortcomings and even providing drugs or alcohol. Spouses must realize that they are incapable of fixing addicts and relationships. The only hope lies with professional addiction treatment.

How Des Moines Spouses Can Support Addiction Recovery

Supporting and not enabling an addict can be difficult, especially with the dysfunction that surrounds marriages with addiction. Here are a few ways a Des Moines partner can support a spouse’s recovery:

  • Learn. Educate yourself about addiction recovery. Make a recovery plan. Participate in treatment as well. Addiction counseling and therapy can impact both partners and the future of the relationship.
  • Communicate. If you don’t know how you should support your spouse, ask treatment professionals. Communication allows both partners to discuss their obstacles, fears, hopes and expectations. Both partners can be on the same page and work towards the same goals.
  • Be flexible. Understand that your spouse is going through a major change. Explore and discover your identities without drugs or alcohol. Be patient and do not expect a perfectly transformed human being to emerge out of treatment.
  • Prepare. Recovery may lead one or both spouses to think the marriage fuels the addiction. It is important to prepare for major changes. Also, prepare for possible relapses. Recovery does not happen overnight.
  • Forgive. Learn to forgive. This step must happen in order for both partners to move forward.
  • Encourage: Continue to praise and encourage your partner, even through the negative times.

Getting My Des Moines Spouse into Addiction Treatment

You can further help your Des Moines partner by finding the correct recovery program. You cannot ignore the addiction; spouses must confront the issue and discuss how the addiction is damaging both their lives. Partners can then request, plead or insist that their addicted partner get treatment. However, sometimes talking is not enough. It may be time to hold an intervention. An addiction intervention is a meeting where friends and family meet to encourage the addict to seek treatment. The outcome of the intervention is extremely important, which is why Des Moines families can hire a professional interventionist to help.

Des Moines Addiction Help

If you are ready to get your Des Moines spouse into addiction treatment, we can help. Our toll-free addiction helpline is operated 24 hours a day by professional addiction counselors. We know your family is hurting, which is why we make searching for treatment programs as easy as possible. Our counselors can provide as much information as you need on various recovery topics. Whether you still have questions about addiction treatment or are ready to find a program today, we can help.