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How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during Addiction

How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during AddictionDrug and alcohol abuse causes users to do things that they would normally avoid or even find morally wrong. While addicted, Des Moines users ignore the negative changes and may believe their drug use causes no change. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. When people become addicted to drugs, their priorities change. Instead of valuing family, friends and career options, addicts think only of obtaining and using their drugs of choice. This can damage a user’s relationships, prosperity and physical health. During addiction treatment, guilt plagues many recovering addicts, but it is possible to move past this and avoid heal any hurt that has occurred.

How Des Moines Residents Can Handle Addiction Guilt

If you struggle with guilt from a past addiction, seek the help of an addiction counselor. Dwelling on these hurts can do nothing but hinder your growth and progress. By focusing on the past and your damaging actions, you are likely to become discouraged and vulnerable to relapse. Instead of torturing yourself with actions you cannot change, work with a counselor to deal with your feelings. Des Moines residents can explore the specific actions that causing them guilt and they can develop strategies for avoiding these problems in the future.

Though guilt is a negative feeling, it can yield positive change. Review the actions that cause you to feel guilt. If it is possible, use these feelings to strengthen your resolve against these actions in the future. For instance, if you feel guilty about the way that you treated your Des Moines loved ones while under the influence, try to reestablish and strengthen your relationships with these people. Ask them to forgive you and tell them that you are sorry for your past actions. Offer to attend family counseling with them. Then, move on to build new, healthy relationships with them.

Though some feelings of guilt are natural, don’t torture yourself with your past mistakes. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made. Realize that you are no different than anyone else in that you make mistakes. Strive to avoid making the same mistakes again. Move forward into the new, drug-free life that is ahead of you.

Des Moines Addiction Help

If you live in Des Moines and are struggling with guilt from a drug of alcohol addiction, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Don’t let guilt from past actions torture you or sabotage your recovery. You have a chance to start fresh. Let us help you make the most of it.