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How the Dangers of Natural Drugs Compare to Synthetics

How the Dangers of Natural Drugs Compare to Synthetics

Natural substances and synthetic substances carry many of the same risks

All drugs, whether natural or synthetic, each affect individuals differently. The assumption that natural drugs are safer and healthier than synthetic drugs has misled many Des Moines residents.

Dangers of Natural Drugs

Natural drugs are not chemically altered, meaning they are plant-based drugs whose psychoactive ingredients have been extracted. Included in the following are some examples on the dangers of using natural drugs:

  • Irregularities
  • Highly addictive
  • Larger amounts typically used

With manufactured drugs, pharmacists are able to easily measure the substances which the drug is manufactured from. However, with natural substances, there are many irregularities and these can render a substance unsafe. Even natural drugs can be extremely addictive. Take opium for example, which is extracted from a poppy, is a highly addictive narcotic which can cause severe side effects when consumed. Individuals using what is deemed as a “natural” drug often use larger amounts because they feel it is safer than other drugs. Because of this, they risk serious complications such as an overdose.

Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs, such as synthetic marijuana aka “Spice,” are often readily available. Because of this availability, individuals feel as though it is safer than other drugs to use. Included in the following are some examples of the dangers of using and abusing synthetic drugs:

  • Highly addictive
  • Contains unknown substances
  • Lack of information

Synthetic drugs are often packaged in bright colored wrappers or bags with humorous names. These drugs are extremely addictive which can eventually cause individuals to go to extreme lengths just in order to support their addition. Synthetic drugs often consist of harmless herbs which are then sprayed with dangerous chemicals. Individuals who consume, ingest or use these substances have reported experiencing psychotic episodes, extreme agitation, anxiety and difficulty breathing. To make matters worse, little information is known about many synthetic drugs and how to treat an adverse reaction or overdose.

Drug Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love in Des Moines is struggling with an addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and compassionate counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and help you find the best treatment available. You have the right to be sober and healthy, so call us today!