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How Helping Others Reinforces Your Own Addiction Recovery

How Helping Others Reinforces Your Own Addiction RecoveryIf you recovered from addiction, maintaining that recovery for a lifetime is your ultimate goal. Being committed to sobriety involves many life changes, such as dealing with stress, making better relationship choices, examining how you view yourself and what you do in your spare time. This is not a short process. It requires commitment, motivation and support. The longer and more intense your past drug use, the longer and more intense your treatment will need to be. The kind of care you require needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Your treatment needs to help you avoid or deal with Des Moines people, places and events that trigger drug or alcohol abuse. Whatever approach you used before, having a dependable support system is essential to a lasting recovery.

How to Help Des Moines Residents Recover from Addiction

As a recovering addict you may find that helping others recover from addiction helps your own recovery. Having been through the process, you know how important it is to have support through treatment. The support of an empathetic person can be an invaluable asset. Having someone to turn for encouragement, guidance or perhaps a listening ear can mean the difference between success and failure. Des Moines drug addicts can benefit their own recoveries by supporting others.

How Support Groups Help Des Moines Residents End Addiction

Support groups help recovering addicts form new connections that will help sobriety. These groups offer a non-judgmental, safe place to share experiences. Healing can come from letting down the emotional barriers that addiction built.

Most support groups follow a 12-step program that has long proven successful. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are probably the best known of these groups. They offer a holistic approach that addresses physical, mental and spiritual issues related with drug abuse. No membership dues are required, just a desire to overcome addiction. 12-step support groups offer personal accountability, 24 hour support and a nurturing atmosphere to keep Des Moines residents free from addiction. As you progress in your own recovery, consider becoming a sponsor to help a member who is newer to recovery. Aiding another addict in sobriety benefits both parties. Volunteering and interacting with people facing the same struggles you have overcome reinforces your own recovery. Offering your own support and advice provides a unique opportunity to share your personal challenges and experiences as a part of maintaining your own sobriety.

Des Moines Addiction Help

Do you live in Des Moines and are looking for ways to maintain your recovery? Please call and let one of our trained counselors get you the solutions you need. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so please call us now.