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How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Use

How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol UseAddiction often continues through family generations. The risk of addiction rises in any family with a history of addiction. If your Des Moines parent, grandparents or siblings have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction, then you are more likely to become addicted yourself.

Does Drug Use Run in Families?

Many factors of family relationships increase the likelihood of addiction. First, environment plays a large part in addiction. If a Des Moines child sees her parents using a substance or accepting drug or alcohol use, the child will accept these behaviors as normal rather than destructive. If substances are readily available in the home, it may be where one’s initial experimentation with drugs or alcohol begins. Family influence is a great influence in a child’s development of decision-making abilities.

Even if one or both of a child’s parents were not addicts, there is still a greater risk for addiction if another family member has an addiction, be it an aunt, brother or grandparent. Spending time with Des Moines siblings or friends that use drugs encourages children to view this as acceptable and even desirable behavior. These circumstances contribute to the use of drugs and alcohol at a very early age.

How Des Moines Families can Help Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Family members often recognize that a loved one suffers from addiction, even before the addict is ready to admit the problem. Family members may confront the addict and guide him into the proper treatment program. Family members can be an invaluable support during treatment and recovery.

Although family can provide tremendous support to a family member struggling with addiction, they can also unwittingly enable the addiction. Family members with good intentions often lend money, cover for their addicted family member and even bail her out of jail. The family’s “help” often allows the individual to continue abusing drugs without facing the negative consequences. Allowing your Des Moines loved one to realize the consequences of drug abuse is an important part of recovery.

How to Recover from Addiction

You can’t force a drug addict into treatment, but your support can mean the difference between success and failure once he chooses treatment. The most important thing family members can do is to seek help for themselves. Professionals can guide you on how best to deal with an addicted loved one. Recovery doesn’t stop with rehab and the chances of relapse are high in the first few months. Recovery is a lifetime process and the ongoing support of the family is essential in maintaining a sober lifestyle. If you or a family member struggle with addiction, be the generation that breaks the cycle and get the help you need now.

Des Moines Addiction Help

Are you or someone you know struggling with a substance abuse problem? Please call our toll-free helpline today and get help. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you find the solutions you need.